A Marvellous Adventure

It’s been a couple of weeks and I think it’s time for an appreciation post

Yes, the game has issues that needs fixing - also pretty serious ones, no doubt about it. Hopefully, given time and experience, the developers will iron out these issues in the beautiful fabric that makes up New World. No game was ever perfect from day one, and I never expected that either.

I’m the kind of player who likes to explore and even if the world isn’t very big I still have entire zones that I haven’t even visited yet - I’ve simply been too busy doing my thing - exploring, gathering items and figuring out how they fit into the world and what they are used for.

I’ve been fishing outside First Light in the early morning hours - minding my own business when suddenly a ghost ship appeared near the Saircor Bridge - It was an amazing sight, and it was gone too soon - just like I imagine seeing a “real” ghost ship would feel like.

I have enjoyed watching the different animals in New World and how they interact with the world around them. I’ve actually been chased by cheeky sheep that wanted to headbutt me and then run off like they were laughing at me. I’ve felt bad for waking up a sleeping boar, and I’ve marvelled at a bison taking a sand bath.

I’ve stopped in my tracks just to watch the light play between the trees and bushes in a dense forest, I’ve got lost in the mist and felt that eerie cold creep up my spine from the sounds and the atmosphere in graveyards.

In the past 14 days I’ve been part of a marvellous adventure - and like with any adventure I’ve experienced frustrating bumps in the road, and I’ve had to change some of my plans along the way - but overall, it’s been beyond great. I know I’ll look back on these early launch days with fondness.

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