A message to the Devs


I just wanted to show my gratitude and appreciation for the game you have built for us. Although it is currently plagued with bugs, exploits, and gold farmers. We have all seen the hard work that you have all put into making this game as fun and exciting as it can possibly be.

Developing an entire game from scratch is not an easy task, and I am sure you are all working diligently to fix as many issues as you can. Pay no mind to the toxicity on the forums, and the complaints from the player base… if they didn’t enjoy playing the game, they wouldn’t be here complaining in the first place.

The vast majority of us love the game, and understand the issues that you may be dealing with on the programming side of things. Bugs happen… learn from the mistakes made and continue pushing forward.

I hope this thread is able to help boost morale, as I have seen a number of Dev posts that show your frustration at the current state of the game. Keep working on making it better, keep listening to the player base, and we will keep playing.

Thanks for all of your hard work.



I like your post! I hope they appreciate your positive comments!

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Im enjoying a lot of my experience in the game, this game is very well polished.
Spoiled kids will always be a problem everywhere, if it’s not a perfect product, irreducible of flaws they will cry “buaahh buaaahh fix it now!!!”

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