A nail for a lucky trophy or just a hole in the wall?

Hello everyone, how was your “holidays and parties?” I hope well …

Well, let’s go!

When we had no idea how the watermark worked in the game after a few posts “actually pressure” DEV and community manager explained in detailed Post’s how the GS of the items worked. Then we had improvements in the game’s UI showing all the progress and more detailed. That was really cool.
But now I wanted to call attention to something else that is becoming just rumors and hope.

After all, is luck failing or not?
Do tier 5 lucky trophies work or do they really give negative luck?
Are pearls on items including amulets causing people to have a “tide of bad luck”?

I’m going to leave here the list of Post’s that so far haven’t even had a response from the forum team…

But the bigger question is:
Why is there still no answer for this? Please don’t come with the old DEV blog LINKs that amazon support keeps sending…that is very outdated. For recent “problem” reports.

If you are like me and would like an answer, feel free to leave your opinion here too.

I made this pot’s after trying anyway to get an answer…

  • Support
  • fault section
  • PM to some DEV I’ve talked to in the past

So far it’s just hope


i just want an answer or fix too.

iv literally not even sniffed a a single trophy mat at 41% luck total (with flag)

just an endless barrage of garbage grey items and arrows/ammo. come on.

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