A new concept for dungeons


Hey team, I was thinking today about a way to make new concept of dungeons. I wanted to suggest a new type of mode completely.

The new dungeon mode would be called something like “hardmode” dungeons. It has a totally different approach to dungeons. There would be new rule sets and different values assigned to mobs, bosses, etc.

The concept is to make each pull extremely dangerous, then apply some sort of ruleset like you cannot respawn, or that the entire dungeon run will only allow a specific number of respawns per a run.

Rewards could be given out based on the runs deaths. So for example, you can reward 4 chests at the end, but each death (a max of three) will result in the removal of a chest.

when a group has acquired a total of 3 deaths, they should be ported out of the dungeon and the run should end (After a brief timer warning them).

This concept will allow dungeons different modes, which can itself be expanded in time to other concepts reusing those dungeons to create entirely new forms of content while reducing over all budget / costs.