A new Type Of Instance! Chance of a life time

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Greetings. I wanted to make a very interesting suggestion!

Over the last 19 days i have given away 936,000 gold. A good chunk of this is hosting events for the server community (like hide and seek). I was experimenting with the concept of “dodge ball” with auto attacks and orb (on vg).

It dawned on me that an instanced Que PvP concept could be interesting. We could reinvent some old classics and turn them into “sports” in new world. Here is an example

Corruption Ball

  • Throw a ball at enemies. If it hits them, it explodes and kills them. The last team with a member standing wins.
  • The ball will trade sides. Player A (from team a) will start with the first throw. If it hits someone they die (as stated above) if they do not it will simply fall on the floor. IT should shoot straight but after a distance arc down to the group (maybe code it so that after travel distance it gains ramping up gravity so it eventually just lands).

I hope this will spart a new wave of innovative thought for future concepts in new world.

Another Example of a Sport is a “free for all” arena where there are no teams. Everyone for themselves.

I remember posting in one of the my earliest something similar. I called it mage ball. Similar in function but with the fire staff. Players have a kill zone that reduces the play area over time on either teams side until the last team members stand. On a tiny 3 meter in diameter circle and then it starts moving erratically. The fire ball cooldown is reduced to 3 seconds and the damage is ramped up to be an instant kill on direct impact and 3 hit kill from splash damage last team standing wins.

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