A Possible Fix for Network Lag and Client Stuttering?

I had this reply on a post I made recently [See here Major Performance Issues After Update] and I thought this was some incredible information. Now, i’m by no means an expert when it comes to networking but I do have a basic understanding of TCP and UDP and what he is saying makes complete sense. I think this is something the team should look into and this could be a major fix for a lot of the problems the game is currently having. Would love others thoughts on the matter, as again i’m not an expert and just want this game to run well and make the experience an enjoyable one.


For what little I’ve tested + some old knowledge of the old cryengine; they can’t switch data exchange from UDP to TCP, as it’s the way cry was designed (it wasn’t meant to be a MMO engine, just LAN or dedicated multiplayer miniservers, and it had desync issues back then).

The TCP control layer is only making the packet count + auth process and keepalive, if the udp packet count drops below certain threshold, the TCP control says “okay, fck it, connection dropped” and disconnects the client.

The game engine can’t be improved as it’s old as balls and was built on top of that old foundation. Might as well work on a functions port to UE, but my guess is that NW will always stay on lumber until it dies.


So if i’m understanding this right, its basically doomed unless they port it to a newer engine? Would they have to basically remake the game then? If so, it makes me wonder why this wasn’t thought up before making the game on this engine.

That’s not a devs call unfortunately, they are just workers and do what they can with what they have, much as anyone with a job.

You could port it from one engine to another, someone will do a cost-effort evaluation and say “lol no make a new game called World New”

If, and this is daydreaming, they went for community support and development, the porting could be done, but for my experience with AWS/Amazon in general, and looking back at Crucible, they can just call it quits and move on.

Turning the game from Sandbox Survival to MMORPG Theme Park was their worst mistake related to their Azoth Engine.

I will repeat again and again, more stuff they add to the game, less the engine would do good. It s how it is ! :frowning:

Seems like they have a real opportunity here. IMO they should delay Brimstone Sands, and spend the next however long they would need to port the game over to a proper game engine. Its like they keep trying to build on a foundation of sand, the more they add the worse it gets… I think the community would respect that more than releasing Brimstone Sands on this engine with the multitude of bugs its going to have.