A question about PvP servers

A genuine question, why don’t those that want a PvP only server use the PTR?
The advantages I see (not being a PvPer) are

  1. Just one server so you would all know where it is
  2. No cost, you don’t have to transfer to another server just launch a different version of the game
  3. You get a lot of gear, you are given probably everything you need for your loadout
  4. If you want something else, trade skills are all 200 so make it yourself
  5. It already exists, just press U and go

The PTR currently available has had up to about 20 people on it so quite deserted, leaving the whole server pretty much open to whatever you want to do.

Edit: points so far:

  1. Town buffs for last +15 on GS not working/disabled - Could AGS enable/fix town buffs?
  2. PvP builds not available in current gear given on PTR - Could AGS add another box or so for the PvPers (with BiS PvP gear obviously)? It seems PvP gear is provided to some extent as nearly half the gear you get has Resilient.
    Or perhaps copy existing characters and builds to the PTR for testing (add PTR to the name for uniqueness)?
  3. PTR only on US East - Could AGS re-open the EU one if usage went up a lot? Or even is it possible that they could be opened in other regions if there were the demand for it?
  • PTR is wiped every time they close and then re-open it
  • As of a recent PTR, the town buffs that provide the +15 to the base level for Armor/Weapons/Engineering/Arcana etc. were either not working or not enabled
  • Most people do not want to waste time on a temporary server when they already have their ideal gear, or close to it, on live servers

I know the PTR is wiped when closed but does that really matter when you get all the same gear when it is re-opened. Just involves opening a lot of boxes.

So it would be okay if the town buffs were re-enabled/working? You could get closer to the build you want.

I see, so the gear you get on the PTR is nothing like the gear people use in PvP on regular servers? I assumed that the PvP was more based on skill than gear and that you could closely replicate a build with the gear provided in the boxes.

I am just listing reasons why your idea of “why don’t those that want a PvP only server use the PTR?” is a poorly thought out idea. The main reason is, it is a waste of time. The others I have already mentioned. I can list more if you like. Your statements do not refute my points in any way.

If the town buffs were working, 595-600 crafting would be possible. Thusly players COULD roll their 3-perk BiS gear, if they get lucky enough in the crafting. But that takes time. Time they could be otherwise enjoying the game with their already full builds. And even IF they get their ideal gear, on the PTR, then it gets wiped the next time it goes down. A complete WASTE of their time.

Your assumptions about the value of people’s time is why your ideas are poorly thought out and the logic you attempted to use is easily refutable.

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I am not trying to “refute” your points, as in the title it says “a genuine question”, I am trying to help. It does not look like AGS will be providing PvP only servers so what is the alternative?

So what you are basically saying is that you and others that PvP, have a set of gear that is very different from that provided on the PTR or cannot be crafted easily? What if they added boxes with some of the PvP gear you mention in the stuff you get on the PTR. Would that make a difference as it sounds much easier than setting up a whole new server to me.

And I had assumed that at least most of those that PvP and have their “ideal” build were at level 60 with a GS between 600 and 625 so don’t really waste much time getting back to that state as you are level 60 with GS 625 on the PTR.

Lol this question.

Why are we even playing an MMORPG instead of call of duty? The PTR gets wiped bro, we play mmorpgs becuase we like the RPG aspect of it too.


Yes, but like I said in the previous response

Wouldn’t they then have done most if not all of the MSQs and story. How would the PTR detract from the RPG side of things as it is the same game?

Surely the purpose of the PTR is to test the PvP side of things too. Adding another box or two to the tons of stuff you already get on the PTR must be fairly simple. I opened a few of the boxes and filled several of my storages with the contents.

So what do you lose? The PTR is level 60 with GS 625 and to get your gear back just open the PvP boxes provided (if AGS can add them).

Many reasons not to use PTR.
PTR is closed down for periods of time (closed more often than open).
Only on US East.
Uses experimental/buggy builds - more buggy than non PTR (and that’s saying a lot).

If more people used the PTR, perhaps it could be kept up more. Though apart from the last month or so I have not noticed the PTR being offline that much.

I would guess that the US East is the only one left because so few people were using the PTR that they didn’t need more. If a few hundred people were to start using it then perhaps they would re-open the EU one and possibly open them in other regions if it were successful. And they kept the US East one as it is about half way between the EU and US West regions, catering to the majority of players and keeping the “ping” reasonable.

I haven’t used the PTR much but have not noticed any more bugs than on the “regular” servers, plus there doesn’t seem to be many complaints about it on these forums. Have you spent much time on the PTR?

Bro the PTR is for testing purposes man. Barely anyone will ever play it. In any game ever the PTR usually gets used by lass then 5% of the games population. Even WoW has the same.

How about AGS just provide some real quality PvP content on the live servers instead. Nobody wants to play their dogshit PTR because its 100% rng what armor you get in the boxes. And for EU players its not an option because the servers have 500 ping.

I cant believe youre unironically suggesting this, just think it through for half a minute and you’ll see how stupid this thread is.

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The PTRs lack of use now does not mean it cannot be used.

I am in the EU and have characters on US East (ping about 100 - 120) and US West (ping about 150 - 180). So would it make a difference if the gear in boxes was more PvP specific as they seemed to be quite specific sets for the PvE side.

in an action combat game, ping is literally everything. Even 20 ping difference between you and your enemy can have massive impact on the timing and fluidity of combat.

Playing with over 100 ping turns the combat into complete RNG mess.

So the US East PTR is used as a test server to start (US East being the second largest contributor to the population). There already exist a PTR in EU, just shut down through lack of need with only currently up to about 20 people using PTR, if the US East one is successful then that could be re-opened.

PTR goes down after the release. Maybe half the time it’s up/down.

You’re correct, US East is the only one left because so few people test it.

PTR is for testing purposes, there are way more bugs on it - everything from games crashing, to bugged skills, etc.

There have been lots of complaints about bugs on PTR, but half of them are ignored. Once they started getting ignored, people quit bothering with PTR. Things like the salvage azoth bug was discovered in PTR, and ignored. Of course once the build went live on regular servers, AGS had to disable Azoth.

I play PTR rarely - unless it’s something I want to try. For example, I spent maybe 1 hour on this PTR, crafted a few legos just to see my name on the leaderboard, and stopped.

I’d much rather AGS spin up 1 new server in each region, force flag (I understand it will hurt mutation group finding, etc), and call it good. Really no different than spinning up new PTR servers.

Yes, AGS could, but that does not make the PTR a better option then a specific PVP server.

There is no one specific BiS PVP gear, most of the gear is Subjectively BiS for the players playstyles. There are preferred Perks on armor and weapons, some more valued/used than others, but no one set that is perfect, Best in Slot, that is agreed upon by everyone. Adding a box, or 5, still would not make this feasible. Unless AGS gave the ability to copy your Live character onto the PTR, it is more work to try to give boxes in the hope that opening one of them will give you the gear that you consider BiS.

Opening more PTR servers, while it would reduce the Ping to those servers for the non US-East players, only solves the Ping issue.

None of your reasons in your list of 5, are sufficient to use PTR as opposed to a Live server that is PVP only. The PTR is not designed to fulfill the wants of the players who are asking for a PVP only server.

Furthermore, I am not a player who is arguing FOR a PVP-Only server.

Everyone should advocate for a PVP-only server. The same way we got FSS. It is absolutely a A, B test that AGS should do. As I have said more than once, I’ll play on it for sure.

My prediction is that it would fail just like the FSS servers did. Then entertainment factor on the forums would SKYROCKET!! :rocket: :metal: :comet:

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I have never said it did, but if AGS are not going to provide PvP only servers then it may be the only option.

Agreed there would be quite a few sets but do you think it would be more than you currently get given to you on the PTR? Copying characters to the PTR sounds interesting, I will add it to the list.

This was in answer to someone that suggested people would be trying to play on the PTR with a ping of 600 or more. There already is an EU PTR that has been taken offline.

No, but in the absence of a PvP only server what is the alternative?

Other games.

The PTR just isnt a sollution at all to the lack of open world PvP. There will always be way less of that on a PTR, even if it is populated. Because people log on a PTR to test stuff, not to just sit around and have fun in the game.

Its up to AGS to provide content on the live version of the game. The game isn’t a true sandbox anymore, they’ve introduced too many game systems. Remember systems dictate player behaviour. The less systems the less it dictates. That’s why sandbox games have tons of great player driven content.

However the reality is that new world is a grindy mmo, the grind is very boring. Especially farming and all other open world acitivites so when people can choose to unflag, everyone chooses to unflag.

AGS need to either provide us with open world PvP events, pvp quests (not influence pushing quests) or other PvP incentives that are fun AND rewarding.

A PvP server would be a great alternative since AGS doesnt have to create any new content which we know they are unlikely to do. Because on a PvP server the chances of running into pvp when roaming in the open world would be fairly high, which would cause a lot more people to actually roam around in the open world. Right now 90% of the playerbase just sit AFK in a city while they wait in queue for instanced content. The only people who actually roam around in the open world are bots and gatherers in pve mode.

But that was my point, get PvPers onto the PTR to do precisely those things, being flagged all the time to encourage the open world PvP.

So are you saying that PvP (open world or otherwise) does not happen on the regular servers either. I assume this is partially due to those PvPers being spread around the different servers. If those PvPers had a flagged presence on the PTR then there would be a higher concentration in one place and greater PvP activity, I would have thought.

Is not really an answer to the lack of PvP servers in this game.