A question about PvP servers

It is not an option and that is the answer to your question asked in your titled post.

I have no idea how many you get given to you on the PTR. The amount you get is irrelevant if you do not get the perks you want that you have on live.

To continue to request what the players want, which is a PVP server. The PTR is not suitable, it is not designed to be suitable and due to the reason a PTR server exists, will never be suitable for the purpose of a PVP-Only server.

Bro how are you not getting it? There wont be any open world PvP on a PTR because nobody will run around and play the game normally and do open world stuff like gathering or anything for that matter. The PTR gives u everything there is literally no reason to farm anything what so ever. Nobody will be roaming around in the open world.

Its already very little of it on a normal live server. On a PvP server the open world would be more fun since gathering has risks. way more people would roam around the open world in a PvP server simply because the possibily to meet another flagged player is there. Right now on live there is no reason to try, you can run around for an entire day and you will encounter 1 or 2 flagged players if you’re lucky. But in reality you will probably go several days between each time you see even 1 flagged player.

PTR is not an option its not a solution, it does not provide us anything that we are looking for in this regard, what so ever.

And yes for all the reasons I have just provided you with, this is the only option. Until AGS get finished working on their UI features they call “new content” like leaderboards nobody cares about and raid group UI. And they can actually start working on some friggin PvP content we have been waiting for for a year. Then yes, there is nothing in new world to do. You can do opr or arena for the 6 millionth time having the same exact experience you’ve had the past 2k hours you’ve spent in there.

Or you can go play another game and wait till 2024 when AGS finally releases a new arena map or something.

Ptr is not an option what so ever. Its ridicolous that you are even suggesting it.

Ptr doesn’t have all the content, there are things missing for it

What isn’t an option, using the PTR? But neither is a PvP only server so what is your point?

Hence the suggestion by someone else to copy existing characters and builds to the PTR.

so the existing regular servers are more suitable for PvP?

I think you misunderstand who would actually move to a PvP only server if it were provided.

I have seen quite a few characters flagged for PvP in the open world on several servers I have characters on, while gathering resources, ECRs etc. but they rarely fight each other, some even stepping back to avoid accidentally hitting each other while fighting mobs or both opening the same chests.

Why would these people transfer to a PvP only server as the only reason they flag is for the extra resources.

Can you give me some examples as I thought that the PTR had all the same content as regular servers.

The 10-12k players bored out of their skulls sitting afk in the city waiting for OPR to pop would though. Because the game doesnt have any content. There’s like 3 things to do in the game. And none of them are in the open world.

Why would the PTR be so wrong for these people, if they could all copy their characters and builds to the PTR then OPR would “pop” a lot more frequently.

So people are not doing much open world stuff on the regular servers either? (Your words).

Why does disagreeing with someone automatically make them a “troll”?

So how would this server start? Completely PvP world locked characters that can only be created there? Are you guys willing to start new characters?
If not wouldn’t most people farm on a non-pvp server? Getting BiS would take forever when you get ganked all the time. Do characters roll level 60 like the PTR, unless there’s level scaled pvp, no one is going to start a new character and get wrecked by level 60’s every 2 minutes.

I guess how would you balance it, who would decide how the server functioned. locked, unlocked, auto level, scaled, transferable, farming, can you not attack someone 5 levels lower? How can amazon make this server and not disappoint someone?

I understand at level 60 gs 625 It’s going to be amazing - but how do you get there as a server?

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sounds to me like OPR popping is the problem in your opinion.

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My suggestion, actually.

Correct, the PTR is not a suitable option for what the players are wanting. So they should, in lieu of using the PTR, keep requesting for a PVP only server. Trying to use the PTR for what they are requesting is like trying to jam a square peg in a round hole.

That is quite obviously a yes. A PVP-only server would be exactly like the Live serves, but with PVP-only enabled whenever you leave a sanctuary. Optionally, full-loot (gear drop etc.,) or partial-loot (gathered materials, Non-bind on Pickup stuff) or some similar variation of that or just a PVP-Flagged always server, is what the people asking for the PVP-only seem to want.

Thank you for your suggestion, I have added it to the list.

A PvP only server is also not an option as it does not exist. What if it is never provided, surely the PTR for PvP is a better option than something that does not exist.

This all sounds like a different version of the game with 2 separate development routes, twice the work or 2 different teams. This is something the devs themselves have said they want to avoid. And there is a lot more to it than

Obvious troll post is obvious

He definitely is lol. Spams people with like 30 messages a day & in another thread admitted he doesn’t even play the game.

Now over 3.5k hours. Being semi-retired now (for about 4 years now) means that my work/education life is in the past and enables me to play video games now whenever I want (having payed New World since the first open beta).
NW time

Helping to teach school kids about space and what it is like to train to be an astronaut alongside a real astronaut is now an “astronautical consultant”, I should have charged more.
There are lots of space camps https://www.spacecamp.com/ around the world, so probably thousands of people that have been involved in working with them.

So you’re a PhD PhD MD astronautical consultant while simultaneously playing NW for an average of over 7 hours a day since launch? Fascinating.

A PVP only server is not an option, at this time. In the future, it could become an option. Suggesting that the people requesting the PVP server settle for trying to make something like it on the PTR is a worse option than waiting until AGS decides to make a PVP server or the players requesting a PVP server eventually just leave New World for a game that better suits their needs.

What you think it sounds like, and what it would actually require, are two very different things. The coding requirements to switch on PVP-Flagged always, instead of optional, is like putting a 1 instead of a 0 into a field. The coding required to give some form of partial loot or full loot would be a larger requirement than that, but not overly burdensome as to require a separate development route, twice the work, or two different teams. It sounds like you do not have any coding experience, from this statement, but I may be incorrect. :man_shrugging:

Okay, my idea was a suggestion and people have been requesting a PvP only server for quite a long time on these forums but nothing has happened except the devs saying they are unlikely to provide PvP only servers. I will leave you to live in hope.

Meaning there would be 2 different versions of the game and the devs themselves have said this would require 2 different teams which they don’t want. There would obviously be some commonality between the 2 versions/teams but what happens when people start saying that now there are 2 versions, why can’t we have … changed for the PvP or PvE only servers?

I started “coding” when I bought a Sinclair ZX80 when they first came out. You had to as there was very little choice of programs to buy for it. I have also taught Fortran, developed in 1957 (not the only language I have taught), as it was the language of choice for mathematicians and scientists at the time.

Totally agree. I don’t even see how a normal person could unironically suggest the PTR as a PvP server lmao.