A queue arena 1v1 system


I would like to give my feedback on a feature that I would really like to see implemented into the game (I can see there are a lot of similar threads, I wanted to give my own opinion).

I enjoy the social aspect of this game, I have fun playing with my friends, however, the thing I like the most about videogames in general is the thrill of combat.
This game scratches that itch as it’s PvP combat (although not perfect, especially when lag hits), is very good!
Now, I enjoy the rare ocasion of dueling random people I come across, for me personally the 1v1 aspect is much more fun than war, or outpost rush. I have not managed to get into a group pvp (2v2 or 3v3, etc.), so about that I cannot give a feedback.

My server is not a very populated server. The max spike of people on at one time is around 300 people, which is not bad, but not very good either. This means that outpost rush is not that frequent, I rarely get to play it, I have done around 5 of em’ in total, and although I would indeed like to play it more often, as I said before, what I enjoy the most is 1v1’s.
These arenas of 1v1 would still work even on low population servers.
I would really love to see a system where you can join que for 1v1 battles. A system for casual play, without rank, and also a system with rank. Something like the first to win 5 times wins that battle.
Maybe give some small rewards too, akin to outpost rush but less, since the time it would take for these battles would me much shorter, and perhaps on the ranked side of it, as your rank goes up, you get better rewards.

This is only my personal feeling; before I start the game, hovering over the icon on the desktop, I think of what am I going to do once I am in the game, and although I do enjoy many of the game’s features like farming, grinding watermark, playing with my friends and my dad, and doing some small crafting, I would feel the call to play much stronger if this feature would be implemented to the game.


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