A river of tears

Messy launch and people cried.
Then there were dupes and people cried.
Then there was war lag and people cried.
Then people cried because there was no OPR.
Then people cried because portals didn’t work.
Then people cried about the watermark system being too random and taking too long.

Then all these things were mostly fixed.

And people still cry.

The game is getting better. Why don’t you all chill a bit?


Reminds me of one yesterdays post…

all of the cries you listed are valid though.

I mean, this is what forum is for. The reason why people are on forum in the first place is either because they need customer support, bug, exploits problem, or other things they’re not satisfy with the game.
Nobody comes here just to chill, unless they just like reading about the state of the game. If they’re happy with the game, they would just stay in the game…to play.

This should be immortalized in a blue note

Yes all these things were valid. Let me give you an example:

People were saying that the water mark system was bad because it was too random and took too much time. That was a legit complain.

BUT then they made water mark farming way less random and more varied and a much shorter grind. Did this change anything? No. People complain like nothing has change…

It is a general mentality that hurts the game imo. We need to point bad things and appreciate good things or we will end up not been taken seriously like Blizzard did with its community in WOW…


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^blue notes…


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You forgot:
constant L2P whinings and cryings
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

IMO, the population of NW is very high considering it being a PvP game.

With the current gamers mentality, the impatience, it is nearly impossible to have an MMO with sustained high population except for those that are established long time ago like FF14 and WoW. The river of tears won’t stop flowing.

There are people that stick around and are mostly silent.

These people are the real NW community, not this clusterfutz in the forums.


OPR is still laggy and bugged.
War is still laggy and bugged and exploitable in many ways.
Portals are still bugged half the time.
Watermark is still not an endgame.
Dupes are still being found after every single update.

What exactly got better?


I don’t know. Try to figure it out on your own. Is the game at the same state?

You are the reason I made this thread btw. This mentality.

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You made a thread to complain about people having legitimate complaints about a product they purchased?

I mean there’s white knighting, then there’s whatever the hell you are doing.


No I’ve made a thread asking people to chill a bit. I didn’t complain about anything. I just made a perfectly reasonable suggestion.

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It’s very divisive to tell people to “stop crying” then say you aren’t complaining.

The game is not in a better state from launch. Different, but not better.

OK. I leave this as the solution to the thread just for people to see why I’ve made the thread in the first place.


Very true

I dont think the OP is saying tat we shouldnt complain about things, I think what they are trying to say is are we ALWAYS going to look for something to complain about?

Its fair if we keep up that mentality after the Devs have worked on a lot of fixes and have openly said that they wont rush and cause more problems like previous patches that they might revert to the old way to try please the playerbase too much and destroy what New World can become.

I have no hate for the OP posting it, Its a general issue in most game communities nowdays and can plague the games community turning them toxic and expecting of things going their way constantly. Changes will come but we should not complain unless really game breaking so when we do its heard and listened to rather than a million small features being complained about that are irrelevant taking up the time of Community Leads looking for valuable fixes in the community.



There is constructive criticism and then there is crying.

That was my point

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if you keep looking for a problem youll always see one. if the game is still in a bad state for you then go back to your safe space in a different game that you would complain about before new world came out. i would enjoy it if you would so dont feel bad about leaving.

Your condescending attitude helps no one.

Having legitimate complaints is not crying. Grow up.