A river of tears

go cry else where lol

And that’s the problem right there. A condescending fan that literally contributes nothing to the discussion but just wants to brag to everyone how you don’t care about the problems of NW and everyone should just leave.

No I do not believe that I will as I am not crying now. Its must be infuriating for you that people don’t devote themselves entirely to the game you love.

Go back to bed kid. That adults are having a rational conversation.

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What condensending attitude?

You mean this condensending attitude?

Yeah, let’s not pretend like he wasn’t condescending at all.

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Well of course he was. I am just pointing out the hypocrisy.

Both sides can be bad. We just need constructive criticism. Neither crying nor white knighting

This i can agree with.

I think the topic is getting lost in the personal here, We dont want to drown out the subject with arguements it can be open to genuine discussion and as a way to discuss how and why these kinds of impact games and how it can impact NW.

I personally love discussing things like this and how other people feel towards how the community is being with Devs and how Devs are being with the community, Everyone here seems to bring something constructive to the table in this discussion but dont get mad if people counter debate your comment thats what forums are for the discussions and coming together to form a healthier community.

To stay on topic anyway, Not crying just general discussion what do each of you guys think the Devs should focus on next and why? <3

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Game is just broken on many ways:

OPR has bug where you can not respawn, and then you get kicked out and get cool down because developers could not make working feature. I bet you are happy every time when you get punishment without reason.

there is no customer support, only customer bullying system, every time they ask you to do tons of irrelevant things to even make ticket, so no wonder people rather quit than try to solve their simple issue with bugs.

and whole expertise system makes no sense at all, why to play game months before you can even start to play to get some loot which may be usable?

whole game is doomed and you can see it by stats.


ikr as if botters and dupers were nuked. Competing with moneyed goldbanks is interesting .
I wont touch the bugs .

Typical white knight responses “don’t like it, don’t complain…just don’t play”. What they fail to realize is that the current population will not bring in enough revenue. The in-game store is crap.

The complaints OP listed are for the most part, legitimate. So why all the hate? What are forums to be used for? White Knights are the most toxic folks in the game.

Actually the lag/dysnc and amount of jank added to the game currently. It’s frankly pathetic… When I rolled the game engine, code, server can’t decide if I actually rolled a few meters or 20 meters.

This is worse in PvP because it will show me roll out of a reap or gravity well. My character actually makes it a few meters out… Then gets pulled back into my corpse a moment later… Wtf.

This is a “player known” issue since 2 patches ago. AGS has yet to address it as an issue at all.

We just want a smooth running New World.

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because the game sux in general

Why are you here then? Why even bother to be in the forums at all if the game (“Sux in general”) do you really have nothing better to do with your life than to come in here and troll on a conversation, Because your life sux in general? Is anything you said in that sentence constructive in any way?

You remind me myself 2 months ago, defending this game at any price, pure, naive and innocent. You’ll understand later my son.

the forums are here for us to suggest changes and discuss where we want the game to go. You dont have to read the forums, nor do you have to post mansplaining how to conduct ourselves.

Yes he will understand how people like you follow the prevailing mob just to feel included.

You will switch sides again in time. People like you always do:)