A second healer weapon could solve a lot of the balancing issues with healing at the moment

Adding a second healing weapon could address two of the, in my opinion, biggest issues with healing in New World at the moment:

  • Healing for PvE is rather dull at the moment
  • Healing for PvP, especially for self-healing, is overpowered

When healing for PvE there is some build variety, but with only 3 abilities, you are basically stuck doing the exact same thing over and over again. The better the group the more boring this becomes, in all honesty, healing isn’t really a challenge as it stands. In my experience, the most fun you will get is when the group isn’t handling adds and you have to dodge them while trying to keep everyone alive. Adding another healing weapon would open up a lot more build variety and the possibility of a proper buff / protection skill tree.

The obvious problem with this however is that with double the healing abilities, you suddenly, potentially, have double the healing capacity. To counter-balance this I would suggest making all the healing abilities weaker across the board. This would result in a situation where for PvE, you would have to do more work, and it would involve more skill, in order to effectively heal. You could either spec full healing, healing paired with buff / protection, AoE healing, HoT, etc. For PvP this could also mean that you can either go full healing and sacrifice any meaningful damage-making capacity, or you could sacrifice some healing and end up as healers are today, albeit with less potential healing output.


I think we need a weapon that drains mana, perhaps a musical instrument.
Or cast healing skills.

I believe this may be something like a Scaling Dungeon, based on the level of the entire party’s gear? If you have a few new players, it wouldn’t be as hard as if you had a group of veteran players, all in legendaries.

The above may provide the experience the high-end players are looking for and still cater to casual players. As a casual player, who isn’t adept at healing, I am happy things aren’t more challenging. But, on the other hand, it may be time to hang up the life staff.


There is a second healing weapon that was announced by Amazon, but they just have not released it yet. It is the void gauntlet. It looks like more of a damage/healing hybrid than the life staff, which is a healing/damage hybrid. I’m waiting on that personally for my secondary weapon. Hopefully it works decently with a non caster stat allocation. Maybe they will scale the healing output of life staff back a little if there is a secondary healing weapon like void gauntlet to compensate.

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