A simple button to clear sales history.. please

As the title says… can you just add a button that will clear our sales history?


This is a good idea but there are some major design flaws in the whole market interface that should be addressed. For instance why is there no way to sort the sold items by date? Like seriously? The search function is from like 1972…yeah it’s wonderful. Lots of work is needed in the market interface as a whole. I think those would be considered QOL issues which they’ve said aren’t on their radar.

Sorting items by date is a good solution too… I just want to see what I sold during the night after I log off or when I’m afk for the PC for a few hours…

The whole interface needs reworking but I think that just a simple button that will clear the list is already enough in the short term and really easy to implement.

I’m totally with you on wanting to see a logical sales history. If nothing else it’s interesting and fun to see some good statistics on my sales. As it is now it’s a complete mess that doesn’t really give you any meaningful info. It used to at least pop up for 1.5 micro-seconds the item name you sold and the gold amount but now you’re lucky if sometimes it just randomly pops up a gold amount for the same amount of time.

It’s almost laughable. The in-game map is completely covered with pop over windows that make it impossible to use but they think it’s too much to let some text stay on our screen showing something like “Charcoal 127.34” for 5 or 10 seconds.

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