A simple request to the developers

Please stop for now creating changes no one asked for. Please stop giving new content that was not asked for yet. There is an ever growing bug list that needs your attention. Please put your effort to fixing these bug issues before continuing to make additional changes we don’t ask for.

Here is an example. Reekwater, I have tried since the game was released to complete the quests offered in the area. I have not been able to do this because of the bugged quests. There was 5 or 6 bugged quests at one time. I think a few have been fixed. The bugs I am speaking of are the mass mob spawns that never despawn. So anyone trying to complete the quest is met with a massive amount of mobs that even a 5 man group can not complete.

That is just one bug type. There are many others that need your attention. Fix the game before adding any changes or additional content. It’s like building a house. You want a good foundation to build on. Building on a poor foundation is only asking for many complications to appear later that could have been avoided.

so no new content so you can complete a quest ? that’s how games die. Game breaking bugs are dealt with first then anything else gets patched as the game goes on. This isn’t cod or something. MMOs need content to live. Just be happy that game breaking bugs like hatchet immort are gone. Gold and item duping seems to have dropped to a minimum as well. I see nothing wrong with how they handle things. It’s pretty common. They just dont tell anyone anything.

I am asking them to fix the game before piling more on a broken system.
Look at the compensation they were going to dole out. It went belly up because there was some mistakes how they tracked players and items during server transfers. Which caused them to hand out way too much money to players.

They provided an update in November which has pretty much left the game unplayable to me. I don’t want to log in and farm. I want to play the elite zone content. Complete quests and achievements. I can’t do that when aspects of the game that are broken by bugs or unexplained hidden updates overbuff the elite zone mobs.

I should not need to get a zerg group together to go farm an elitezone. Or to do HWM farming with a 5 man group.

I would like to explore and play that content as I am sure they were intending it.

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