A solo PVP no lifer

I want to extend my sincere thank you and appreciation to the developers of New World for supplying me with a whopping 57 days of played time on my main character, as well as a few dozen hours across various alts for the extremely affordable price of $39.99. The pandemic years had been a challenge on my mental health as I found myself unable to work or travel, and New World for a long time has truly been my “real world.” I can’t thank you enough for creating this medicinal virtual experience that has pulled me out of some of the deepest depression I’ve experienced in my 3 decades so far here on Earth. I love you all.

It’s extremely rare these days that a game can really offer so much entertainment value without essentially mandating in game purchases to have fun. New World is a unique and wonderful game and in some ways may have saved my life when I discovered it in August of 2021.


Unfortunately, I am strictly interested in the extremely unique player vs player combat that this game has to offer. Since the release of Outpost Rush, I’ve spent virtually all of my in-game time playing this game mode (most often as a solo-queue healer), learning to adapt to unique and engaging player vs player situations and mastering the meta of this diverse and fully unique pvp game experience. There is really nothing else on the market that offers a 20v20 arena moba/shooter with such a variety of character builds and viable teamwork strategies.

I have seen everything from teams of muskets designed to maximize baron snipes (meaning the optimal counter strategy was to try and ignore baron and prolong her life), to hardcore brute rushes, to straight war-build triple caps, and even had a few games where the cannons and repeaters turned out to be vital. It is truly a wonderful concept and execution, and I want to lavish praise on everyone who worked on this awesome piece of novel game design. I know it is basically impossible to build a core game with a real budget that doesn’t directly copy something already on the market, and I consider all the fun I had in this mode to be nothing short of a modern gaming miracle.

But without new instanced/rewarded PvP game modes or a significant increase to the reward structure, I fear my days in Aeternum are growing short. Players, being humans (mostly), are naturally averse to experiences that result in a feeling of loss or defeat. For this reason, I tend to avoid PVE because I get my ass kicked by monsters pretty regularly. However, I find other players to usually be a trivial or manageable challenge, only being truly rekt in situations where I have allowed myself to come out of position due to poor situational awareness, laziness, or overconfidence. Many MMO players fall into the opposite category. I think a truly great MMO is always one which caters to both sides and every shade of grey in between. MMOs are virtual WORLDs and what makes the world interesting is our similarities but also our often outright diametrically opposed differences being constrained in a shared reality. Together.

My heart goes out to those who view OPR with negative feeling experiences, like getting triple capped and spawn camped without being able to earn 500 points for your daily rewards (in a game with 18 players vs 13). And I do not blame players who have experienced that regularly (as I surely have as well many times) from deciding that OPR is not for them, much as I have decided expeditions are not for me after getting 1 shot by bosses for the Nth time and feeling like I just can’t memorize those damn attack sequences.

I understand that the wonderful community team here is tasked with distilling these manifesto length posts down to a simple bit of feedback that they can potentially escalate to the developers if they feel the author has put significant thought and care into presenting their viewpoint, so in the effort to help those overworked and underpaid heroes of the forum, I’ll try to tl;dr this a bit with less exposition below:

  • When I started NW in closed beta, there was extreme pvp scaling. Level 20s were regularly giving level 60s a run for their money in open world simply due to scaling and having the right perks. A group of 2 or 3 level 20-somethings could reliably kill a level 60 in CB without issue. I thought this was amazing, a game where PVP and PVE were essentially isolated ideas. You could grind if you enjoy it, but if you wanted to fight other players, it seemed personal skill (hitting your shots and not getting hit back) was the only thing you really needed. I even convinced a friend with a demanding full time job to buy the game despite his aversion to MMOs with the claim that “he wouldn’t need to grind to have fun.” He played release for about 2 weeks before deciding the release version simply did not match up to that claim.

  • As we have strayed further and further from that path, reliably available PVP has basically died even on fairly populated servers – especially for those who PVP solo or in small groups.

  • My bottom line advice: If creating a cross-server OPR queue is not possible, I would humbly suggest that there be some form of instanced PVP where gear and gearscore essentially do not matter. Lost Ark famously assigns all players a set amount of points to use on their character for PVP arenas. This allows everyone to participate on even footing. Something like this would be a game changer for those of us who LOVE the core combat functions, spells, and gameplay of NW but simply are not MMO grinders. Those of us who bought a second copy at launch after being blown away by the radical approach to PVP we experienced in beta only to be trapped in a PVE treadmill for character viability.

  • This approach would allow for us to take some time off from the game (since OPR can only be reliably queued at the primest of primestime hours) but not fear that when we return for arenas, our characters will be useless and painful to play.

To those of you who are still loving this wonderful game, this thread is not meant in any way to detract from your gaming enjoyment. I love this game too. I will continue to play during those primetime hours to keep playing OPRs even as my character becomes less viable due to my refusal to do additional PVE content. I simply want to continue loving this game and have a reason to play it for years to come, and without an “equalized” PVP mode of some sort, I do not see how that could possibly happen. Ultimately I believe catering some sort of mode to players like myself contributes to the overall health of the game, and I believe the skin market in games like Counter-Strike are proof that if you can keep us logging in, we will buy dumb cosmetics to flex on each other and contribute to the bottom line of revenue.

Thanks for reading, have a blessed day!

move to another server and find good comunity / company

My token has already been used before the merges as my old server had unreliable queues, so I went to a higher pop one, but as the weeks go on and particularly with this patch, queues are beginning to look like the pre-merge situation on the old “dead servers.”

While I agree that a community or company could be cool to play with, I personally find maintaining virtual friendships and social dynamics to be a bit of a challenge, so I tend to play solo. Beyond that, I’m not particularly sure how that would help my situation, but I appreciate the advice and will likely make an effort to find greener pastures once the next round of tokens are available.

welcome to my life brother :smiley:
but im still playing but still my pop like 200-300
thats why they need transfer token

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