A solution that will satisfy crafters and is fair…

A simple solution is a one time grandfathered in expertise increase for crafters based on their profession and level in that profession:

If you are 200 Jewelcrafting, necklace, earring and ring slot is 600 expertise,

If you are 180 Jewelcrafting, necklace, earring, and ring slot are 580 expertise.

If you are 160 Engineering, bow, spear, musket, hatchet are 560 Expertise.


This is a one time equivelant compensation for forcing people who went one path which is equally as relevant a path as another and no less of a grind.

Chest grinders don’t need compensation because they are grandfathered into the fundamental change and do not need to do anything different

Crafters who chose to craft their gear now have to go back and grind WM after having grinded crafting putting crafters way behind chest runners.

This is not fair. And my solution is.

Having to farm or purchase 5,000 gold worth of daily cool down mats is no less difficult than bringing chests in Myrk for legendary attempts. Both are equal and both are legitimate, one route is validated, another being forced to change and become disadvataged unfairly.

I believe this compensation for crafters is fair and would help us feel like our efforts are not wasted.

In the end, you don’t want to punish crafters for their end game route, you want to punish people who just buy what crafters and chest runners did the work to do… get perfect legendary gear.


As a fellow crafter, I wholeheartedly agree.

Good idea.

While this still leaves crafted gear in a pretty lame spot for selling, this is a reasonable compromise.

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