A suggestion for preventing abuse of kicking from invasions and outposts

To prevent a company from abusing the kick feature and compensate the player for the time wasted and the opportunity lost; every time the company kicks someone they have to pay the person 10 gold, which increments by 10 each time they are kicked afterwards.
So a player joins a war, is kicked they are compensated 10 gold from the company, if they join again and are again kicked; they are compensated 20 gold and so on.
This allows the company to continue to kick as many people as they desire but it also costs the company and compensates the players who were kicked for their time and the opportunity lost.
To prevent a player from continuously joining, there can be a limit of say 5 attempts in which means the player can join this war or outpost rush; it has no effect on other wars or outpost rush events.

Bro they pick who is the best… if you get kicked it’s not really there fault they just thought others would preform better than you. It sucks but they are suppose to have best in mind for there fellow players.

Not really a solution, they are allotted 10 slots… the remainder are supposed to be random.
The kick feature was intended to remove players known for going AFK or creating a toxic environment; not to pick and choose their own members (of which they are allowed 10) and ban everyone else from participating.

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