A suggestion for the combat team on fixing potential ranged aoe spam from motar and future weapons without nerfing

Before we start i also posted this in PTR but i am posting it here aswell in case PTR goes live today and the PTR thread shuts down

Now this isn’t just about blunderbuss but as the game as a whole and i feel like blunderbuss motar will make this worse.

Now the problem with blunderbuss motar and any other future ranged AOE weapon or skills is that wars and OPR will become motar or other ranged aoe spam.
Now is this the blunderbuss fault? No

Should motar be nerfed? No

There is nothing wrong with having a ability like motar and i am glad they added it

Problem is the lack of any type of counter or protection against long range attacks or spells etc.

All AGS do to try and fix any problem so far in weapons have been nerf nerf nerf which rarely even fixes the problem and only makes the nerfed ability bad or trash especially in pve

So my suggestion here is holy shield gets reintroduced into life staff by reworking splash of light.

Basically how it will work is that pressing the ability button will use splash of light as normal

But by holding the ability button down, instead of doing splash you now pop a holy shield instead.

This would require almost no animation work since splash of lights already uses the old holy shield animation.

And since stagger on light and heavy is gone you just have to make it so that the shield gets canceled on any hit (not including stuff like dots ofc)

Bringing back holy shield would fix a lot of issue with having no cover from range and help counter any motar spam or other aoe range skill the game might have in the future

For those who didn’t play preview and have no idea what holy shield is here is a video showing it off at 1:10: New World - All Life Staff Animations and Abilities (Technical Preview) - YouTube

Now if you wanna rebalance it from how it worked in preview by like giving it a health pool or shorter duration etc. that works aswell

and if anyone is wondering yes both enemies and friendly could enter and exit the shield freely. it only blocked ranged attacks

but I use splash for the entire group cleanse for pvp and pve, why not introduce a magic shield weapon instead? mage tanks!

nothing is changing with splash, you can still do normal splash by just pressing the ability button

also them introducing a new weapon to fix a problem that will happen very soon will take way too long and will result in them going back to their bad tactic of just nerfing everything into uselessness instead of finding other ways to fix the issue

Is Mortar consumed by maelstrom? If so that seems like a fairly large counter to me.

maelstrom is only lasts for like 1 second and it would only consume 1 out of the 4 motar shots blunderbuss can have so not even close to a counter

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