A suggestion to help improve territory control and open world PvP

Hi everyone – long time player here since day 1. I have a suggestion I’d like to make that I think would go a long way in helping spread out the fun of open world PvP, and also incentivize smaller (ie – most) of the companies playing the game.

As everyone knows – there are a limited number of companies that can “own a piece of the action” so to speak – with 11 claimable territories (not counting Brimstone). This means that only 11 companies at any given time can benefit from the main “core” PvP in the game (not taking into account the problem with shell companies). While fun, there isn’t a lot for smaller companies to do, logistically speaking. Sure they can help push a territory, but the odds of them getting into wars are small, and they don’t necessarily see much benefit from actually winning.

Here is what I suggest:

What if each zone had a number of open world, claimable PvP PoI’s. In my head, 5 per zone makes sense. These could be any type of lightly defensible point – be it a small encampment, a roadside wagon, almost anything really. These points can be claimed quickly, by a small force, capping a flag (similar to how you cap a fort). Now onto the question everyone is interested in – incentives to actually claim these points. Here’s where it would get interesting. See the fun bullet points below:

-The company that owns the territory CANNOT claim any of the 5 PoI’s in their zone.

-Companies from the SAME FACTION that control a PoI will be given 1% of all revenue generated by that territory - for a total “defense fee” of 5% across the entire zone.

-Companies from OTHER FACTIONS that control a PoI in said zone will be given 5% of all revenue generated by the territory – for a total of 25% if all 5 points are capped by enemies. Thematically this makes sense, as the warring factions would essentially be creating supply line choke points, hitting the owners right where it counts – their pocket book.

-There are no cooldowns for claiming these – no rewards for capping them other than a money stream of gold (ie - no massive amounts of PvP xp, azoth salt, etc). This means there is no reason to “claim swap / claim trade” back and forth. Claim, defend, earn money for the company war chest.

-Limit the number of PoI’s that any individual company can claim at any given time to 3 if they do not own a territory (1 if they own a territory). This adds 55 company claimable objectives to the map, creating something exciting for smaller, less powerful companies to do.

Consider the amount of new, exciting game play opportunities this would open up for the rest of the PvP player base (and the existing PvP player base that regularly participates in wars). A small 5 man raiding party could effectively choke off 15% of a territories income at any given time, taking the money for themselves. How do you stop them? Go out there and force them to stop. Real, actual war.

What do you guys think?

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Im doing the same, in barri, ive got a small ganker guild and im always seeking for pvp openworld, but its so hard to find out, only when big companies are pushing.

Its kindda sad cus we re having way more fun than in a 30 min war.

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