A thank you from a factionless player

After 3.9k hours playing new world factionless, I can now do the main quest without choosing one. Now, I can finally have a azoth staff lol. Also, I was worried that due to the brimstones questline starting with a quest given by a faction member. But luckily you made it so that the cov member would also offer the quest to factionless members. Thank you!


Can I ask?
Why are you playing factionless? There are rewards you know, and stuff you can buy.

It started as a personal test to get to 60 factionless when the game started. I did that at Oct.11 2021. Then I wanted to be the first factionless skills gm. That was done on Dec.21 2021.

Now I’m working on getting 500 aptitude in all trade skills. Basically, over 100 skills grandmasters on one character.

I’ve, been playing with one goal after another and joining a faction has never really mattered


Bravo! Now that’s some dedication! :raised_hands: :heart_hands:

Reminds me of that guy in WoW who stayed in the Panda starting zone and levels up to max each expansion without ever leaving.

This is the progress so far on the 500 aptitude


:saluting_face: salute to you.

It’s a shining example that everyone does not play the game the same way. Credit goes to you for sticking to your guns with regard to you aims. :heart:

I’ve just started an solo Ironman Mode character named “Last Legionnaire” (to go with the new armour skin that we got for free. I hope we get some good Roman transmogs now!) and I draw a lot of inspiration from stories like these so, thank you for sharing! :slight_smile:

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That’s going to be a lot of skinning… :smiley:

Finally decided to turn off the bot program?


397 000 000 000 pigs to skin ,gl and enjoy

if only we could use our pvp flags faction less would be so nice

With amount of red flags and bot reports I have, I can correctly say that they do moderate the bans. I have had people unblock me from a bot report to tell me they thought I was a bot before. But, you can always dm me in game while I’m online and (unless it a braindead take) I will reply

I feel like the skinning aptitude is more inline with normal lvling now. The online calculators will need to be updated

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