A theory on current state of game population

So this is my current theory.

The current Low population across servers is good testing grounds for content.
Not just that but like playing a Polished Beta Testing phase.

I think after they release the fall content. New Area, Greatsword ETC…

Giving them time to fix all current bugs, and polish out the game.

Then they are going to do a Huge TV ad campaign like WoW did back in the day, when they used Mr T, Kirk and all them.

Because if you think about it.

What this game was, and what they changed it into, are two different games. It was supposed to me a MMO survival game, like Conan Exiles but with MMO aspect. But people hated it, so the had to revamp the whole game.

Then they kept pushing back, till the outcry for release was massive, so they haphazardly released a unpolished product, that then cause people to run away from it.

So they are still into the Revamping and fixing it phase. better than what it was.

So they are trickle feeding us who stay Content, while preping for the real massive content release, by listing to what we say, what is broken and what is getting fixed.

in CONAN EXILES…the amount of resources needed to make stuff is though the roof, without tweeking your server, and even then, you can over weight yourself in stone, and barely make enough stuff to build a wall or two…

In this game - the Amount of resources to craft stuff, gets really stupid high, and not to mention getting AZOTH to travel was insane… used to cost me 400 azoth to go from ebonscale to mourning dale now its 20…

to make 1 glittering ebony… 4 green wood makes 1 timber, 1 timber plus 4 aged makes, 1 log. 2 logs +8 wryd wood makes one Wrydwood plank, you need 2 wrydwood plants, and 8 ironwood to make 1 ironwood plank,

then you need 5000 iron wood, to make 10 Barbvine, and 10 wildwood.

So you need 8 ironwood i think 1 barbvine, 1 wildwood, and a few other resources to make GLITTERING EBONY.

you need 15 in general GLITTERING EBONY plus other resources in the same boat, RUNIC LEATHER, PHENOX WEAVE, TOLVIUM, CINNABAR ect… to make 1 top end ITEM…

so it still kinda has that SURVIVAL CRAFTING GAME CODE RUNNING A MUCK… that will need tweeking…
before they release the new area, all the fixes, and then run the AD campaign to bring in massive player numbers.

so they game wont die just yet.

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