A thought about open-Trading Posts, and how to make this work for everyone

Of course, it wont work for everyone, but here’s my idea:

Recent change has made it so all Trading Posts are linked. This has been a very requested change, and I’m glad to see it - but many aren’t, and for good reason.

What if Trading Posts remained linked together completely, however there was a substantial ‘Shipping Fee’ on items purchased from a Trading Post that you aren’t actively standing at.

Convenience of not needing to travel as much, at the cost of extra coin. Also provides players with the ability to save lots of gold and play the market by travelling between Trading Posts for the best deals.

Forgive the absence of 100% intricate details about every aspect of how this change would work with you, personally, not to mention everyone else and the entirety of the game. It’s just an idea.

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