A Trophy Profession to help with dropped loot?

The crafting community has been doing their best trying to craft BiS (Best in Slot) gear and weapons thanks to the Timeless Shards and Crafting Mods. Although I’m a bit biased cause all the crafted tier 5 lvl 60 armor items aren’t to my liking in terms of fashion haha, drops gathered from expeditions and elite mobs look much better fashion wise. It’s nice wanting to complete a set you’ve been eyeing but the profession stats aren’t to your liking. I think it’ll be pretty cool if there was a trophy you can set up to get more chances of what you actually want in a dropped item. Like “Of the Sentry, Of the Druid, Of the Soldier, Of the Sage,” etc. It’s just a little suggestion.

Would be nice if we could have a generic PvP set that drops from dungeons, elite chests, etc… something with the perks resilient, refreshing, freedom etc. @Luxendra @Shadow_Fox

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