A way to add value to trash legendaries

Players often get legendary items that are basically trash. It would be good if there was a system in place to give value to these. Also, players often will get discouraging unlucky streaks where they get an item with 2 good perks but miss legendary or 2 good perks and 1 trash perk.

I think the solution is to add a station to the game where you can trash legendaries in exchange for a currency item. This currency item could then be used to add a perk to a 625 GS item that is not legendary or reroll a selected perk on an item.

It should be expensive though. It should take maybe 20-50 legendaries to get enough to add a perk to an item and it probably should take 3-5 legendaries to reroll a perk on an item or maybe you would make the cost to reroll a perk vary based on how many perks are already on the item.


Sorry but thats non sense ,you often get 5± legendaries for each m10 run. This would devalued every bis item and crafting would be dead. You dont need gold for anything else than for items, If this would be in game there is no reason to buy anything anymore. Its still mmo rpg and the best items should remain unique and rare so you have a reason to trade and play towards something. However i think getting some T (V) materials from legendary items would give them some value and economy remains healthy.

no just make legends trash become shards when salvaged


The real problem is that AGS have taken the liberty of calling countless worthless items “legendary”.
Is it possible to do more stupid?
(with google translate)

just boost it with shards and drop it on the trade post like this dude here

How is it possible ? I tested it myself and item changed from BoE to BoP after upgrading it

dunno, trade post items are anonymous so who knows who did it

That’s a fair point. I was trying to make the point that it should take more than one to add a perk to an item.

Also, I think crafters should be required to make an item that is used in this recipe to add a perk or reroll a perk so that they have some role in the economy of top tier items.

The RNG gamble for crafting right now is awful imo.

that’s what I was gonna say… make the Umbral Shards a reward for salvaging a legendary. depending on the item’s weight, would be the outcome of the amount of shards you receive.
I would +1 this all day. I have like 100+ legendary items waiting in my stash for when they become more worth it to salvage.

We don’t need more sources for umbral shards. You can get 4k a day doing Gypsum and 6k for Gold mutations. We’re already at a point where umbral inflation is a thing.

I would say you could put in a system like what I’m describing and have it take umbral, something from crafting skills and consumed legendary items. A use for umbral after you have several suits at 625 which a fair number of people do. I have 4+ and I know I’m not alone in that.

no. just umbral shards better. not everyone do 10gypsum orbs and m10. maybe even less than a half lol

Based on all this feedback I think the system would look something like this…

Players can consume undesired legendary items at a new crafting station or maybe on a popup menu. Consuming legendary items in this way will produce a bound, stackable resource which is used in the item refactoring system.

Crafters will be able to craft these components which are also used in the item refactoring process:
Perk or attribute selection items (one for each perk and attribute configuration) - Made with a large number of a specific perk or attribute item + Azoth bottles
Random perk or attribute reroll item - Made with a significant number of ANY perk or attribute item + Azoth bottles
Perk addition item - Made with a large number of ANY perk item.

The general idea here is to give value to the perk items that are less commonly used.

These crafted items would be tradeable as they are intended to give crafters something to make and sell as people push toward ideal customized gear. This system works as a catch up mechanic for returning players as they can take the gear they have and gradually build it into ideal gear. It will also make 200+ Crafters that don’t have all the major trophies and crafting gear relevant. Under the current system, only crafters with full crafting suits and trophies are relevant.

The workflow for modifying an existing non-named item:

  1. Open the item upgrading popup (new)
  2. Drop the item (625+ GS required) in a slot on the popup
  3. Select a perk or attribute on the item to reroll
  4. put a “Random reroll” item or a “Selected reroll” item in a slot on the popup
  5. Hit the button

This process would consume a significant amount of the legendary item resource as well as a significant number of Umbral shards.

The player has a choice of whether to roll the dice with a random perk at a lower cost per reroll or they can use a considerably more expensive “selected perk” item to apply a specific perk into the slot.

I would also add an option to add a perk to an existing non-named 625 GS item and I would make it cost a more umbral shards than it costs to level an item to 625. I would make it require another crafted component similar to the ones I described above.

This is just a shell of an idea but I think a system like this would be loved by most players.

The problem with all these proposed solutions is the development as well as the time required to arrive at the ideal weapon or armor.
New World is only 6 months old and it is stuck in a craft of rotten legendaries.
In fact, AG forgot what the word “legendary” meant and completely overused it in his game.
In other mmorpgs, the first legendary items do not appear for at least a year of play… and there, you are guaranteed to have the best weapon or piece of armor in the game…

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