A way to change your GENDER and APPEARANCE in the game.If you had make a mistake

I and many others really want to change there Gender or Appearance in the game. I even want to pay for it.

Transgender avatars🙄
You can always delete your char and make new one, that is what I did after I have reserved name at launch.

I would welcome option to change appearance in game. Changing hair styles could be regular goldsink, plastic surgery should cost premium.

Changing gender is free in bio though.

Yes that would be a great option for faction tokens that don’t have a lot use to them . Also in game name changes would be greatly appreciated as it is an option already in the game you see when they force someone to change there’s . Because I made a name I don’t like , I fully expected to not like the game and give up on it after a week or two but yet hear I am still playing.

I identify as a potato :potato: . And i don’t see that option in gender select . Really offensive towards the potato community.

Hello @sanderpeeman !

Welcome to the forums,I am really sorry as the Gender or appearance change option is unavailable at the moment.However as @netandy suggested you can delete and create a new character.I will make sure to forward your Feedback to our Devs team :slight_smile:

Have a Great Day!

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lol yea, let me delete my level 60 character to get rid of my man-bun.

Sorry had to laugh at that. :joy:

This should have probably been a feature on launch really because every single game I ever played has something like this. Hopefully sometime this year I can change my man-bun to something else.

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