A way to implement a raw gold income while still maintaining a player driven economy- Trade Packs

For anyone who has played archeage (terrible game) you will know about trade packs. For those who havent they are an item you craft that you then physically carry somewhere else and sell to a special merchant for a chunk of gold. The amount of gold fluctuates based on distance, rarity of the goods, and the amount of the goods being delivered by players. Other factions can also kill the player and take the pack for themselves. Perhaps if it were implemented in New World they could make it worth more if you are in PvP.

I believe this system would work very well considering how extensive the crafting system is. With prices fluctuating based on the amount of a pack players transport there the economy would still be player driven but without having to just sit and hope someone decides to buy your stuff on the market to generate income.

Higher tier Packs would require the appropriate level in a related crafting skill to craft them.

In the long term they could add additional islands and regions that have their own exotic trade goods you can craft into a pack and bring back to the main island for a hefty sum of gold. (Please for the love of god let me be able to drive boats and have naval combat of some kind. There is too much pirate themed stuff for me to not be able to be a pirate.)

I agree something needs to be done. But that doesn’t sound fun at all.

(reminds me slightly of Smuggler missions in SWG)

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