A what if for New World in 2022

Yes, I know exaggerating/overgeneralizing/vastly incorrect in some aspects on this scenario, but the underlying concepts are the same, based on the incoming changes posted by the devs before and the history of we have experienced so far:

Oh, did you finally just make that nice 570 lvl weapon after endlessly hunting for mats that we nerfed the drops for? Great, but your Expertise for that weapon category is only 510 so it will be nerfed to that lvl.

Oh, you want to use the actual weapon gear lvl? Then go to this place here to unlock the ability to lvl your Expertise for that weapon, if you have this thing to access the place, if but only you haven’t done so if the past 24 hours, or you have to wait.

And the thing you need to access it? You have to make it, but could only make (and have) one of, every 48 hours, after hunting the mats that also drop every 24 hours and/or cost 5k in coins (before taxes).

But when you do get in, just hunt this rare lvl 66 mob boss we super-buffed because of a bug which we have no ideas to fix so we left it, which you need a 570 weapon to kill it anyway if was a normal boss or you’ll to die to it.

But that’s okay! Because you might also get a reward (a glass bottle trophy that breaks you chest’s storage in your house and weighs 300lbs because of a new bug) that we buffed to drop more often while nerfing all of the useful drops.

Aww, you didn’t get any drop at all because it bugged out? No worries, your Expertise is unlocked for that new weapon though. And here a tiny Expertise 3-5 point “buff” from the fight as a reward (actually a -2 to your Expertise score because of another bug). But that buff is for a random item category you don’t use, not for any of weapon/items Expertise score that you used in the fight.

Oh wait never mind, you already got your 6th Expertise buff from doing other things (including the 1 point “free boost” from just logging in), so you can’t get that buff reward then.

But here is the good news! You get to do it again for that same weapon if you want to raise that Expertise again! So have fun doing that for every weapon and item that has gear score in the game!

Oh you want to guarantee to get an Expertise boost on the weapon/item/category you want? Okay, you need this special new currency, which we have 7 types of. You then need to either get the right combination and/or a certain number of this currency (which the requirements changes randomly because of another bug). And you can only make one of each at time, every 24 hours (of the currency itself, not of the type).

Oh and to get certain currency types you need to do certain activities to get them (such as OPR) and/or drink this special potion to collect them, which also requires a tier 5 workspace/camp to make them.

Oh wait, your new Arcane Trade Skill Aptitude (which took you an additional 220+ hours to lvl) is only at lvl 2, and you need to be a lvl 8 to use the full effectiveness of that potion.

Oh well, maybe next time. In any case, you need to be Trade Skill lvl 5 to get the items to make that potion in the first place, which may or may not randomly drop in the one chest you get when you lvl that specific Trade Skill, which you can’t trade or sell/buy at the TP. So no coin-to-win, that’s cheating.

Oh wait, you don’t have the recipe for the special potion anyway, that also may or may not drop form those Trade Skill reward chests. So no special potion usage for you. So don’t worry on making any of that new currency you need.

Just keep grinding for that crafting xp that we nerfed again to be even more less at higher lvls and more expensive to lvl Trade Skill Aptitude, and hopefully the chest will drop the item what you need next time (which is bugged atm to give only one item if you need multiples of it) and you’ll finally get to use that potion and get the currency type you need!

Oh your server has low pop and you can’t get that currency type anyway (such as in OPR) because lack of players? We know about that and we are not going to do anything for now as we are too busy deleting random items and gear you need to play the endgame anyway because a bug that made it impossible to play the game with them, so your out of luck.

But here is a shiny new weapon skin for the new weapon you have but you still cannot use effectively for only $59.99 a 40% sale! (Which is now also bugged and crashes the game.)

Have fun playing New World in 2022!

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