Aaru broken - Any news

We got kicked for being afk for too long(was fighting a boss atm).
According to global chat, half of the population was infected.
Then 1min after relogging, the server died.
Can we get any maintainance infos, whether it will be accessible in a short time or not?
Asking for a friend who has work tomorrow.
Best regards
Joe King


we were in Depths first run, half way through. Then the server crasht. Now my char is rolled back from 42.5 to 40. Did they roll back the server?

Probably an old state in the main menu

yeah looks like.

server still dead… can´t login…

it now says:

This world will go through a brief restart at 22:50.

so will be up in an hour probably :wink:

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22:50 + 15 min first “sorry still working on it” + 20 min second “sorry” … +30 min (sorry with no ETA) … hrhrhrhr


Same here, was in Depths mid boss fight, then got a message “You’ve got kicked for being afk too long”
Lets hope there is no file corruption and we get back in with our last state.

Working again.

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I thougt i were the only one where the game crashed :x

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