Abandoned Cities/Regions on Abandoned Servers


I am playing on one of those currently dead servers. As strange as it is to play on one of these, waiting for a merge (we cant move, cause some people just transfered over to us, long story, but no new story), it gets stranger every day.

Now Guilds plan to leave the server and stoped paying the fee for their cities/areas, or even got cities from other leaving Guilds to milk them, waiting for the merge or transfer.

This is by far not the Gaming-Experience this should be. Even if this may not be the most common case, it will hapen in the future as well, even after the first merges occured. There should be some mechhanics to prevent this from happening.

Maybe even a Company of the same faction should be able to challenge the owning Corpany for the control over an area if they dont pay the upkeep for several days.

Besides that, on a dead server, it is indeed not easy to even collect enough money for the upkeep. Market goes mad on some things that are cheap on full servers and vice versa.

If we have to wait for merges longer thhan a few days, and I mean days, not week(s), then you should act somehow, cause otherwise more people will stop playing. It wont help the game in the long run, cause not all will return who may have stayed otherwise.



Same here, I transferred to a server hoping it would be better. And now people in that server have abandoned 9 territories and left it on extreme tax. So us who have transferred before and changed faction, can’t do much. Selling in TP isn’t profitable anymore and these servers have become farming servers before the merge. We the left overs are not really having a great experience.

I beg the devs to activate the 2nd wave of server transfer before the merge so we actually have a choice of what worldset we want to be in before the merge happen.

not lying though, i had high hopes, but if I wont be able to bring my progress to a server i want to be in before the merge happens. im seriously just gonna quit.

you’ll have to be more specific, dead servers is pretty much all of them except for a handful. On saturday night 455 of the 485 servers were less than 20% full. Most of those 455 were less than 10% full. 485 servers could be folded into 50 or so. 485 servers down to 50 in two months time. Historic game collapse.

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