Abaton closed for transfer and new characters

Hello good AGS Team

Quick question, why is Abaton still closed for transfer and new character creation? It’s on the lower end of daily players of all the servers in EU and has no queue for some days now.

Thanks and have a great weekend

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Tartarus and Dry Tree do have a queue and they are not closed but Abaton with none is closed??
Is this question so hard to answer??

Maybe they noticed what they did 2 weeks ago. They opened transfer to Abaton for 2 days and now the server is f-ed.
Some big PvP transferred over and are right now taking the whole map…the residents got screwed. At least many see it that way, I personally don’t. Change is always a good thing.

But I dont know if they actually look at stuff like that.

Hey AGS Team

we lost some bigger companies on Abaton they moved away. By still keeping Abaton closed you will kill this server!!!

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It was already killed. By opening it for transfer 2 weeks ago. Just look at the map now.
The exodus has already begun because of it. Will be openened soon again, because it will start to die.

Man, that’s only one or two mediocre companies that fled the competition on the big servers who wanna stock up on cash. I wonder what you gonna say if Para or Bonzai came back.

Wont change a thing if they come back too, we cant even beat the mediocre ones :slight_smile: No one on the server could.

It would just be nice to get some answer, people leaving and no one can join the server because we are still locked for some reason, eventhough we are at the bottom of the players online list!

AGS Team any explanation???

I know you hate to hear it, but this is for your protection, and to ensure the highest possibility for you to enjoy the current and upcoming content.

Abaton continues to hit peak almost daily, and has one of the highest active user populations in the region. If we unlock this world, the likelihood of it having long queues on weekends and when Brimstone Sands goes live is high.


And what day would Brimstone Sands go live? Just so I have it written down.

Octo… waaaaaaaaait a minute. You sneaky snake, I’m not telling. Yet. :wink:


Okay, seems silly considering players are likely to have encouraged friends to pick up the game (or reinstall it) for the Brimstone release, but if the server is locked they then can’t play together? (I know I have, but I’m sure I’m not the only one)

and i know the usual response of “why don’t you just transfer to an open server” isn’t really an option as asking 20-30 people to move server for 2 or 3 people that are joining doesn’t seem fair, and there is no assurance the same issue won’t happen on that server as well.

Really the locking of a server shouldn’t be the go to solution for queues, as stopping new players from joining or people transferring is a sure fire way to screw the in game economy as well as other aspects with a high turn over rate (pvp).

Sorry for the rant and not really helpful commentary sorry this is the exact same issue we had at launch and cause a number of my friends to stop playing as we couldn’t play together (no one wants to play on a dead/quiet server), is it likely Abaton will be reopened before the Brimstone sands release?


Yes, tell us the day before so that nobody can plan around it. Nor can AGS market the expansion or fresh servers if they hold the info until the day before. Nobody understands why AGS does this. It benefits nobody.

the day before what, exactly?


Every game company ever does this because if it slips even a day the community will freak out. Game development is very conplex you can’t expect them to know weeks ahead when they will be done.

the one year anniversary.

it is very silly not to make announcements a week in advance so people can plan around it .most games ppl take days off for these things. as it is it seems like ags really doesn’t care. so the hype machine fails… the streamers aren’t going omg… yeah… it’s a fail to do day of announcements or 6 hours before hand annoucements.

But, we already said in our last Dev Video that the Brimstone Release is in October.

I am, however, very glad you’re all here to celebrate our 1 year birthday with is. :birthday:


so you guys aren’t doing a anniversary event? really?