Abaton closed for transfer and new characters

Yes but then you bring up fresh servers a week later and for the first time ever roll out the PTR in phases which leads people to think potential phase roll out for Brimstone with main zone in October. Plus there’s no way AGS didn’t know the exact date for the Dev Update a month ago.

Absolutely not true. WOTLK exact date was known at least a month out. Ashes of Creation alpha date was known 2 months in advance. ESO has yearly expansions. Maybe they don’t know the exact date for Brimstone but they know how they plan to roll it out, date of the Dev Update, what the anniversary plans are, etc. Even confirmed by a datamine that showed dates for the Halloween event… They for some reason choose not to market or let people know ahead of time when or what will happen and have done it with every update the past year (day of announcements for 90% of content in the game). And regardless they gave an exact date for the launch a year ago then changed in like 5 times and yeah some people freaked out but in the end, a lot more people were able to make plans around the game and that is why it got to 1 million players at launch.

What we have for now, is this very stylish Anniversary tweet:



I hope Abaton stays locked till they figure out how to deal with resource shortage.

Yeah its all green now but its was the same few weeks back, grab a weapon and come claim it back. Thankfully with golden scarabs more people will get decent gear to pvp and stop whining to unlock servers because map isnt painted in their color.

Exactly. 3 emojis the day before a dev update that was confirmed a month ago is all we get to anticipate the anniversary. A potential anniversary event with nobody knowing ahead of time to plan around it? A decent amount of people expect fresh servers to at least be announced tomorrow which is probably more dangerous than just not saying anything. 90% of updates with less than 1 day notice including actual big updates and apparently expansions now. Just seems like bad marketing and more than a little disrespectful to the people who have stuck with the game the past year. This is my feedback. Do with it what you will.


I’m being held hostage in a server where i don’t want to stay and i’m sure that i’ll not waste my token to go into the new ones where quality of pvp is garbage. Do i need to stop playing and move on then? That’s sad.

Those are completely different. This is not an expansion or big event (like ashes of creation) its just a content patch. Nobody put out exact dates for regular content patches way ahead of time. Plus we have known Brimstone is coming in October. A missed exact date would be way worse PR then a vague window.

can you dm me the date, I won’t tell anyone. xD

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Judging by it’s success at launch, apparently people don’t care about missed dates as much as you think. While we do know it is in October, and for the past year updates have been at the end of the month, everything leads us to believe it will be beginning of October. Not to mention fresh servers which may release before Brimstone or have a split update release schedule.

Brimstone is an expansion, as NW has said it is. Also I would point to FFXIV as a game that tells people usually 2 weeks out when the update is coming. Ex. if NW told us 1.6 was 2 weeks out instead of waiting until the day of launch to say it.

PTR has only done two major updates so far. I find it hard to believe we aren’t at least two weeks out, if not more.

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New World Twitch Prime rewards reset Oct 4 (tuesday which is usually when they release stuff). Oct 4 is 2 weeks before the datamined Halloween event start date which gives people time to get to level 35 to do the event. A lot of people wont start playing until fresh servers are here so delaying Brimstone or fresh servers is a bad idea. Making a Halloween event unplayable for these people who wait is also a bad idea. The datamined “Return to Aeternum” event also makes less sense the longer after anniversary they push it.

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We’ll see tomorrow

+++++1 calibur

and if it just turns out to be a dev video… officially lamest anniversary ever

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an anniversary event, especially a first year one for a game of this size is expected to be a bit amazing and announced in advance so ppl can take time off work to grind it and what not.

failing to do anything besides a tweet day before is very much missed opportunity

if they’d given the streamers something to bite on, the reporters something to report on and people to gossip about in game the hype train and ppl coming back would be a lot more.

and yes ppl are expecting the fresh start servers tomorrow. letting that hang is bad if it’s not gonna happen

Since they released PTR in phases, it would make sense to release Brimstone in phases as well. Phase 1 could be fresh servers with Return to Aeternum event announced tomorrow. Phase 2 could be Oct 4 (11th at latest) Brimstone zone release. But I think their marketing team and community team consists of 2 hamsters running opposite directions on the same wheel.

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yup and yup

Cat is out of bag already October 32 Brimstone goes Live


Yall may be right, im excited to see what happens tomorrow!

I’m hoping we get a pre-patch, so all the updates to the game, minus the actual new zones and content. So revamped leveling, crafting updates, Greatsword and stuff a week or 2 before the full launch. I assume we will, but I can hope! I also hope pre-patch day is also the date of fresh start servers.

I stopped for a while and I do really want to come back to the game, but I also want to wait for fresh start servers, like i think a lot of people do, so hopefully we get a notice of the plans for that so I can decide more specifically what I want to do.

Thanks Kay for answering much appreciated.

First, i like that you guys started banning Bots.

May i ask you then, why is Tartarus, Fae and Aaru not locked?? They are full and have queues every day. Also i can only speak of what i experianced, the only queue i had on Abaton last week was on Sunday and that was 5min. Out of the “2500” players on the Server a good junk of it are still bots running around, just yesterday i saw at least 7 Bots farming shit. I think by having a closer look at all the bots and banning them you will free a lot of server space on all the servers.

In my opinion by just closing Servers you make the same mistake you did when you started the game and started closing servers. I also agree with @Enjie 's Post.

May i ask if Abaton will open before Brimstone or will it kept closed, would be good to know for me so i can make plans accordingly. Wouldn’t want to change Servers, but seems inevitable.

Thanks in advance and have a lovely day.