Abaton closed for transfer and new characters


More and more angry people. They will just quit even before Brimstone, gg.

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Caaaant wait :face_with_peeking_eye::sweat_smile:

The existing player can transfer to play with their friend. The same solution youd e pect others to do to compensate for said friend to be able to create a character on your server.

Locked servers are already over crowded. They should stay locked until hype dies down after the update.

Why is it that all the servers are locked for server transfers We are a small grp of players who wanted to go to Fea today on payday. now that one is locked as well. we are grp of players who are spilt up all over… and why can’t we get into ion this I really like a DEV set some focus of this. It’s kinda sad most os are just going to wait to mid oct to play or just stop playing, playing alone just blows when u have RL friends u also wanna play with

But all Servers all closed ,only 2 in European are still open ,thats not good .Komps get splitted ,mine too.thats make the player unhappy ,i come back when servers open and we can play in Komp…

If they’re doing mistakes now imagine with update going live.

i tell you with this decision they make the same mistake they did at the start of the game. It seems they didn’t learn in that reagard.

Also best statement from AGS Team in the 1 year announcement: 6.3 Billion Trees feld, it’s possible there were a few bots in there but we did ban those. Hmmmm my question then what were these 10 bots i saw today chopping trees and other mats???

Don’t get me wrong, i love the game i’m playing since closed beta. It just seems that they repeat their mistakes over and over again.

Hmmm now they going all out it seems, closing Server with 1200 Peak players???

Can you reopen Abaton and Dry Tree i checked the whole week and we had over the week during peak numbers of 2000-2150 and on a sunday 2300 that’s already 300-500 less players than last week! Or at least tell us if you opening servers before Brimstone?? Or how low has a server to fall that he will even considered to reopen???

It would be nice to know when we can expect Abaton to be opened. Is it in a week? Two? Month? Because now I have friends on three different servers and we are just not sure how to proceed and where to transfer or wait… I could transfer from Abaton to other server, but then I should leave all other friends and guildmates behind. And now friends whom I recently convinced to buy NW, can’t even play together…

@Kay dry tree is never full and the server is still closed.

@Kay Nice that you guys just not answer any further questions??

AGS could at least give out Free Server Transfers, so people can join open servers with their friends and don’t have to pay 15$ each to be able to play together!!!

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I wanted to roll a new character last night. Unable to as I’ve already got a character on Asgard which is on the only world available, Zeta. :frowning:

I’m not sure if you guys check servers, it just seems you guys don’t. Just an example Fae was 2 weeks ago one of the biggest servers, since closed dropped to 1.5k players yesterday on a sunday the most played day of the week, but is still closed. Dry Tree down to 1.9k on a Sunday Abaton down to 2k on a Sunday, but still closed.

Image above 10 Days ago


To be honest, Server transfer shouldn’t have existed in a game like this.

Ok, hear me out, it is great for players that have other friends on other servers to join them but As soon as a server opens to transfer, some companies which isn’t succeed in their server or some adventurer type companies moves on another one to dominate there and it causes a lot of issues.

Transfers should be ended completely in my opinion.

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Most players don’t actually care about those companies moving from server to server, since 98% of players don’t participate in wars and it does not affect us much on who are holding the territories. And casual players are punished the most in this situation, because we want to play with our friends and family members.

I already didn’t say most players care or not. I just said it causes issues.

Transfers shouldn’t exist so your friends and family members would open a new character in your server when they buy the game. When transfers are there and when some crowded companies moves on a server, AGS is forced to close transfers and new characters in that server, it is inevitable and if they keep this transfer system, it is never going to end. Someone will keep being the victim like you and people around you.

If those unsuccessful companies want to move another server, They simply should need to start over.

by the way, you may not care, i don’t care neither, but those companies care because they earn rm from it. That’s the thing. It is war of RMT and it affects mostly normal players (again). Story of the world.

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Can you please explain why Abaton is still locked??? Seriously is it just to make a statement?? So many people left and it’s not even over 2k players at all XD what is this???