Abaton down again

Congratulations! :partying_face:

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Abadon always crashing at War time, 2.5k people makes it unplayable.

But yesterday at 2.2k crashed aswell on wars time.

now OPR is queuing stupid amounts of players and expeditions not opening…

Congratulations! :partying_face:

@Kay @Luxendra

Yeah and Expeditions and OPR always bugged. Fix this sv already.

this is different OPR at 90+ players and been waiting 4mins for Muta to open…

Thanks for the report - I’ve brought this to the team’s attention.


i hope it is a quick fix like your response :smiley: @Luxendra ( Congratulations! :partying_face: )

over 100 people in OPR queue now and still no caves available

OPR not working Arena not Working Dungeon not working since there was server down as well as company treasury shows - instead of anything!!! please fix

Pls fix nothing works anymore

is it weird all my items i had for sale sold after server crash? jus noticed :eyes:

it seems a lot of stuff is broken

why is it only abaton that gives problems? I’m about to move

Can you do something quick, i don’t wanna have a server rollback because you leave it be!

Instances arent working though.

I’m aware and the team is investigating. When I have an update, I’ll reply to this thread. I understand how frustrating this can be and I ask for your patience while the team investigates.


It’s not only Abaton.
Atlantis is not calling for expeditions, opr, arenas, etc.

Seems that all servers are having the same issue, you get on the queue, it keeps adding people, and waiting for opening an expedition.

Time to farm open world

thanks, is that a gift for a one year of the game?

We’re looking at Atlantis as well.


Barri works fine fyi.

Lux something bad happens with the servers. They crash one after one.

It seems that the 2500 capacity is more than the servers can handle.

Maybe 2000 capacity and 3 more servers in each region ia a better solution.

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