Abaton down again

Can you do something quick, i don’t wanna have a server rollback because you leave it be!

Instances arent working though.

I’m aware and the team is investigating. When I have an update, I’ll reply to this thread. I understand how frustrating this can be and I ask for your patience while the team investigates.


It’s not only Abaton.
Atlantis is not calling for expeditions, opr, arenas, etc.

Seems that all servers are having the same issue, you get on the queue, it keeps adding people, and waiting for opening an expedition.

Time to farm open world

thanks, is that a gift for a one year of the game?

We’re looking at Atlantis as well.


Barri works fine fyi.

Lux something bad happens with the servers. They crash one after one.

It seems that the 2500 capacity is more than the servers can handle.

Maybe 2000 capacity and 3 more servers in each region ia a better solution.

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We’re going to be restarting Atlantis and Abaton. The maintenance messages should be posted in those worlds.


A server restart don´t fix the problem. Luxendra i would like to private message developers send me via PM email.

it was scheduled for cest 22.05 but its already down xd

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lol dude. they are the devs. They know how to fix these issues.

If instability is due to too many players can you offer free transfers to new server?

Trust me, they don´t.

speak in public mate. What do you mean?

It means what it means. They are not the original devs at all.
They are just fixing bugs and adding content. They don´t touch the server they don´t decide about servers population, probably is someone with higher rank telling people do this do the other thing. Obviusly they don´t know what they doing.

By the way sorry my bad english.

While I agree in theory, I believe that free transfers will move the congestion to other servers, and empty some of the current ones. It is a delicate situation to be honest, that should have been handled before rolling out.

they have the server engineers. They are looking the server issues.

Yes, that is what u think, but in reality doesn´t work like that. The decision to high from 2000 to 2250 then 2500 is not from the Server Engineers.
Is just someone scrolling a option in server config.

The Server team is indeed investigating the issue and monitoring each world individually. The worlds are being restarted so that people can go into expeditions and Outpost Rush. However, they will look at the data being collected to understand what happened and how to resolve it.