Ability Queuing is Actually So Clunky

Ability queuing is actually the most clunky thing I’ve ever seen in this game. I understand the idea behind it, but the way it’s implemented is worse than any other game I’ve seen. The problem is the fact if I press “F” for riposte, but I get stunned by a shockwave or vault kick, then as soon as the stun is gone I’ll suddenly be riposting when instead I’m trying to roll. Same thing if I was trying to switch weapons, then it’ll just go back to the first weapon whose ability was queued. This change is extremely clunky and ruins the playstyle of anyone who has high APM. I feel as if I have to play like a sloth in order to get around this, which just lowers the skill cap even more.

Ability queuing should either be reworked back to how it was pre-02/28-patch, or there should be an option for people to turn that off. I can understand the older group of players (or anyone who has slow reaction timing) where ability queuing will help them, but for me personally who plays this game at a very high skill level with rapier/bow, I’d rather not be nerfed to playing like a sloth.

TL;DR ability queuing is shit for high APM players, add an option for us to turn that feature off.


I’m personally a big fan of doing a dodge-evade-dodge then switching weapons and having the ability in the same slot as evade just get casted from the other weapon automatically at nothing.


yeahhhhhh this game is bricked


Yeah they have to improve the queuing priority.
I’m sure desync and poor Netcode are also influencing this new issue.

But it does feel good to actually be able to switch weapons and queue abilities, as long as you don’t change your mind, haha.

I guess we’ll just have to get used to it, and press dodge (if we have stamina) when that happens.
I think dodge always has top priority in the queue no matter what.

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Not in this case, my abilities were queuing before my dodge was queuing. And even in those instances where somehow my dodge actually went through, my ability would be queued after. It doesn’t feel nice to queue abilities because you have to change your mind constantly on what ability to use. You may think riposte in one second is a good use, but because of the queue it ends up being set off in another instance where the combat situation has changed. Honestly there should just be a switch to turn this feature off, would make both sides happy.

Yeah, they definitely need to improve it.

But before this change, I would aim with the bow, shoot, dodge backwards, SPAM my button to switch to Rapier, and it wouldn’t switch, and it would continue hipfiring the Bow.

That shit was cancer.

See what I mean, some people will like it but others will not. For me, my APM is high enough that ability queuing will just make me slower. It’ll force me to play in a clunky manner. That’s why adding a switch to either have ability queuing on or off would be the best choice.

Yeah they implemented it the worst possible way I can imagine. They literally made abilities a priority queue where dodge and weapon swap have priority but then other abilities are processed after. The window is way too large and the queue is not reset at the correct time.

This just goes to show the weapon swap bug was a much bigger problem to solve than they can easily solve. This is why we got this crappy fix no one asked for.

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bump just wanna leave the other posts about this topic to raise awareness from AGS


I use the musket. If I spam my left click between reloads, it will automatically fire once its dont reloading. It’s super weird.

Also, the new movement sucks.

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Idk why it only seems to hit some weapons? I hear complaints about his from VG/IG, Bow/RA a lot. As SNS/SP I haven’t had this happen and I do perform high APM

I’m currently playing Firestaff/Ice Gauntlet and I have similar issues.


I haven’t had issues with Entomb.

But let’s say I have Firestaff equipped, I see a melee close in, I press to switch to Ice Gauntlet and I spam Shower or Ice Storm, and instead of that going through, it doesn’t switch and instead uses a Firestaff ability.


If I think about it, it seems that Abilities have a higher priority than Weapon Switch, if you use them in that 1 second window/cooldown that it takes to switch.

Might be an easy fix…

Being stunned, staggered or interrupted in any way should clear any queue. Abilities should not be able to be queued while in a situation or action that would prevent the ability being used in the first place.

For example, If I hit light attack, I should be able to hit left mouse repeatedly until I’m able to cast the next light attack and it should only do one, but currently it will at least queue 2.

There should be no queue. Just spam the key until the ability works like every other game. This queue gameplay feels so weird.


Yeah, definitely agree that stuns, staggers & interrupts should clear any queue.

Yeah that sounds nice, but prior to this patch, you could get into a situation where you’re spamming weapons switch button, and it just doesn’t go through, or it takes a lot more than 1 second anyway.

I believe what they did with the current patch is an improvement compared to the previous iteration, but it needs further improvement.