Ability to Combine Crafting & Refining sets

So, with all the news about gear sets coming out and what not, it still seems like an imperfect system. Im going to need a gear set for each craft, refining, and pve/pvp. That’s still a lot a to manage and I feel it takes away the intent of gear sets simplifying things.

So in the spirit of simplifying things, why not make crafting, refining, and gathering sets combinable.

You gotta have each set to combine them into one “untradeable super set” and give it a resource sink of umbrals and legendary mats.

Thoughts and opinions on if this would be a good addition to the game? Or is there a glaringly obvious flaw in this suggestion that would mess things up?

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I think Gather/Refine make sense to combine, one naturally flows into the other. I like a model where, for example, “If you have a T5 Mining Shirt & a T5 Smelting Shirt you will now be able to combine those into one T5 ‘Master of Metals’ Shirt”. The process would consume both previous pieces and give you one with both sets of bonuses.

I don’t think combining them with crafting makes sense though, since for many people that’s completely separate from gather/refine and many crafts require multiple categories of refined mats.

Great out of the box thinking. +1 :slight_smile:

I lile that idea!

Guess I should have clarified a little better though:

If you have all the refining sets you could combine them all into one Master Refining Set so you could slot just that one set into a gear slot and not have to constantly continue swapping.

Another alternative would be a gear set that has all of the crafting & refining pieces slotted as a permanent passive without having to equip the gear directly.

Well, if you really want to reduce gear friction you could have each node, refining station, and crafting station respect the tradeskill gear you own and not need to equip any of it for anything. :wink:

would be very nice. Great feedback. Is easy to make this thing also code wise. One recipe that unlocks when you have all the sets with you and gives the ultimate crafter/ gatherer set
Devs Check this feedback and give this guy a medal.
Maybe can be done also with trophies aswell? I don’t see why not. All the crafting trophies in one.

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