About 1000 hours in and here are my thoughts

I would like to open with, the team has done an excellent job with trying to move the game in the right direction. So many QoL fixes have been implemented which has made me and my company members very happy. The sea of content is more of a small pond, but with all the work that has gone into bug fixing I can understand it. Now it’s time for the gripes.

  1. Please, for the love of whatever deity you pray to, make it so when I reset my house cooldown I don’t have to click off the settlement and click back on. I know this is very minor but it is extremely frustrating.

  2. Achievement/Title bug. This has been in the game since launch, and it REALLY needs to be dealt with. Again minor, but very annoying.

  3. More valuable named loot. Yes, there is a lot of named loot in the game, but some of those are like STR/INT or DEX/FOC… I’m not, and never will run a dex focus build. Just tidy those up, or add new things for us to go searching for.

  4. Tuning orbs just need to disappear. Along with arena caps (PvP) entirely. There is zero reason to inhibit players from grinding something as long as they want. What do you, the game studio, have to lose if someone runs 100 expeditions a day? The answer is nothing, all that happens is you have someone who did exactly what they wanted to more quickly. If players are willing to put in the grind, don’t take it away from them. Expeditions should not require any material to enter, and all PvP events should be limitless.

  5. I feel crafting needs a little more control. Being able to push myself to a 595-600 window is nice, but I’m still only controlling 1 perk. Controlling 2 perks would be perfect (leave timeless shards in just make them allow 2 perk control). This would mean, if I don’t get that 600 roll, I at least rolled a decent 595-599 which I could sell or potentially use. The third perk being random is still fine, because you have to roll on a chance to get a 600 anyway, then roll on the perk. The way it stands now, you roll on a second perk, roll on 600, and roll on another perk. Way too much randomness for me.

  6. ADD A TRANSMOG SYSTEM! Your team has designed some excellent looking armor/weapons, but I cannot apply that look onto the choice gear which is very upsetting. On this same note, I would really like to apply skins to a specific item instead of a specific item slot. I.E. my tanking helmet has a skin, when I change to my healing gear, completely different skin without me having to change it.

  7. The fort “fix” is bogus and you know it. How about instead of making it take 10-15 minutes to cap a fort, you just reduce the PvP exp granted? SO now when Im running PvP missions for some faction tokens, I don’t get a sense of dread when I see the fort mission pop up.

  8. Give us a schedule. Pick a day, every week where you fix minor issues constantly. Only fixed 3 bugs this week? Cool, put those fixes in. fixed 100? Great, drop em in. This random day of notification that your servers are going down does not allow for any sort of planning. Do your monthly patches on the same day every month. Could be a date, could be the first/last tuesday of the month (or any day of the week). Just pick a set schedule, and force your team to work around that. Giving people real deadlines gives them drive to finish a task, and giving your customers an expectation as to what is coming up will be greatly appreciated.

  9. Patch notes need improvement. The community NEEDS more detail. Tell us EXACTLY how much you increased something by. Numbers, facts, every detail about what you changed should be included. No more ghost changes please.

  10. FIX THE FRIENDS LIST! Another issue pursuing since launch, my friends list doesn’t work ever. I have to scroll down, to scroll up and hope it updated. Also in the social tab, the “Link Twitch Account” button does nothing. I click it and it just gives me the loading indication.

  11. Very minor, but make food/coating/stone buff last 1 hour. The 40 minute timer is so weird.

In conclusion, I truly love this game. I have sunk more hours into it than I thought I would. The world you created is incredible, the story needs some work to get me more enveloped but it truly is amazing. The combat is fun, the ability to swap around my build/playstyle however I want is nice, but there are definitely things I think that need changed. You are heading in the right direction. Please continue, and if you can get the game smoothed out I think the expansion/DLC will bring back alot of players, and bring in alot of new ones. Thank you for the experience you have given me.


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