About Brimstone Sands Release

So I haven’t played NW for a few months now, what sparked my interest is the Brimstone Sands update. My question is, is this REVAMPED STARTING EXPERIENCE already in-game? or it’s still on PTR? Getting confused how many things are put on PTR, though some of them are already live.

Looking to start a new character on a new server, if or when this feature is live.


The revamp comes out in oct with Brimstone. You can either start now or wait for the fresh start servers. Also keep in mind the starting experience is only for the first 35 levels and it may be faster to use the board quests while they are still a thing.

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Appreciate the reply! Thanks!


Its actually only the first 25 levels -

Also when update comes out next month its not guaranteed that a fresh start server will accompany it.

I believe a lot of people are hoping for them to revamp the entire leveling before they release fresh start servers.


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The new starting experience gives you levels pretty fast.
You can easily get to lvl 50 doing the main quest and just the starting area quests.
I took about 40 hours to get to lvl50 on the PTR, if you power level you can do it much faster.

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