About city wars

İ want to talk about city wars. İ play in hellheim and i experience some sick things in my server. İn my Server 6 city’s control by covernant’s and 3 city’s control by syndicate’s. İ’m not interest the owning any city. İm solo player some guys know me im SeojinWEED. İ have everything in the game dont need anything. But i heard something last day and check its true or not. Covernant guild leader’s and syndicate guild leader’s dont attack each other and when some marauder’s guild try win control by any city this 2 guild help each other for defending. İt’s shame… İ kill their best players in 30 sec in opr or open world. This guys are not player in my eyes they are merchant btw i have 1 idea for the fair game experince. İf covernant’s defend their city just covernant’s can join defend. İf syndicate defend their city just syndicate’s join defending. İt’s must be like i said for the fair game experience then this merchants cant help eachother maybe they are try to be a player with this way.

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