About forum whining now

You probably haven’t even opened the other weapons or read what they’re for. Why do you need it, right? There’s GS, there’s Hatchet, that’s all, you don’t need anything else.

Seems like you’re the one that hasn’t opened up the page of weapons. Complaining that half the weapons are melee weapons when the other half are ranged. LOL How else would you like it?

Are we talking about the same game? Do you think the Void gauntlet is a ranged weapon? Blunderbuss really ranged weapon? Is Life Staff even a “weapon” in your opinion? IG completelly ranged weapon?

If someone can drop an ice storm down and auto you from 15 meters out and keep kiting to maintain that distance then yes it’s a ranged weapon?

If someone can spam plagued grenades and mortars while sitting on ledge from 15 meters out then yes it’s a ranged weapon?

If someone can drop an oblivion and stand on it while shooting orb into a clump and keep refreshing their CDs to do it it again, from 15 meters out, then yes it’s a ranged weapon?

& what healer do you know that sits right beside their melee when they go fight people?

The fact I even had to explain that…ofc they’re ranged weapons wtf LOL

Wow, how cool, thanks for taking the trouble to explain.

Hello GA, Hello GS, Hello SnS, Hello spear.
My post is for community managers, but thanks for stopping by :wink:

And also hello to healers with GA and WH on arena :kissing_heart:

Oh nvm you’re just a troll LOL :joy:

Great, I’ll take that as a compliment :kissing_heart:

Thanks for taking part in the conversation, but if you do not understand the flexibility of melee builds, how many combinations of weapons can be made, how melees are attracted to the target, how some weapons can in a short time overcome the conditional 15 meters to the target, how sns & hatchet can just not stand off the target and literally chop, how 90% of all control is focused in the melee weapons, that even the healers sometimes take GA and WH and you also write that the same blunderbuss is a typical ranged weapon, then we shouldn’t correspond on this topic. Okay, you have your opinion, I have mine. Let’s agree on the fact that I’m a troll.

yea im keen for some build diversity as well :slight_smile: things have been stale for a while now hey