About group finder idea to improve it

Hello developers.

Starting from the title, it is something simple that I come to propose or perhaps it is already something that they take into account.

Noticing this great option that the game has put, which for me is something extremely important and great, apparently few users have noticed it or have realized its usefulness, because it is still being read in the chat I am looking for a group for X expedition.

My idea is that when a player creates a group for a specific expedition, at the time of finishing the steps for the group, the other players will receive a notification that a group for an expedition has been opened.

This can be done globally or generally, the user who is creating the group decides if they want to send the announcement globally or in the area (maybe that part gets a bit complicated), but what I mean is that they are given a some warning to the players that a group has been created.

This can speed up a lot of waiting time when creating a group, because since the option came out, finding a complete group is quite an odyssey.

Maybe more members agree with me or can better enrich my idea.


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