About the game today


I allow myself to share my opinion on the games.

First of all, I love this MMO, the immersion is amazing and I have a lot of fun.
Unfortunately, the last two weeks the game is slowly dying and it really bothers me.

I know it’s very complicated for developers but there are all the same errors for me who are ‘’ beginner ‘’

First of all, seeing us that the population is decreasing and during the last patch you decide to increase the difficulty of the game, why increase it at this time? it was necessary to wait for the merger of the servers. Now new players have a lot more trouble finding players and on top of that they did not have the advantage that the old players had, ie take advantage of the “ease”. Now I connect and it is now much more difficult to find people for different activities (rifts, elites …) the fact of having to increase the difficulty does not help the thing at all since it is now necessary to be a lot to face these quests.

Secondly, there are a lot of bugs that accompany these inconveniences. We end up with a lot of maintenance, extra GOLDs are given to players without doing it on purpose (beginner’s mistake, excuse me) then we get a rollback right in the face (I would never have believed that in 2021 coming from such a big studio), and on top of that no compensation? No excuse?

To conclude, I know that it is very difficult, I am not complaining I only share my opinion.

This game has enormous potential and I hope it will improve in the coming weeks. Do not hesitate to take your time to avoid any mistakes.

Anyway, thank you

(sorry for my english, i’m french lol)

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