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We’ve been loud and clear talking about Greataxe and Gravity Well for a very long time now and I think the developers should be well aware at this point that they have to do something about it. However there is another big issue in my opinion and that’s the secondary that - just a wild guess here - about 95% of all Greataxe users equip.

Anybody that plays a decent amount of OPR matches on a daily basis knows how prominent perma stuns and knockdowns are, next to Gravity Wells and Ice Showers of course, and how extremely stale the meta has been since launch.

One of the main problems with the upcoming patch is that the current implementation of Diminishing Returns does not account for knockdowns. For hammers the problematic combo of Shockwave and Wrecking Ball is left completely untouched and it’s basically not going to change anything about the usage of hammers.

This needs to change if we want to make any meaningful adjustments to the incredibly stale meta that we’ve been in for 7 months straight. Every form of CC, including knockdowns, needs to kickstart DR, simple as that.


What? You are calling to nerf the second most loved and unmentioned weapon on the game that provides 3 CCs that can be reseted in mere seconds while heavy-attacking-insta-gritted-auto-tracked attacks?

How are you; I say; how dare you good Sir!

Edit: just wait, with the diminishing and slow dodges, it’s going to be even more prominent/prolific than it is now.


while I agree, it’s not as simple as that. You can’t just slap a “THIS IS A HARD CC” on everything, otherwise people in light armor are gonna rejoice at how simple it is, especially when you haven’t even mention a change to make stuns proper stuns and not sleep spells (meaning that if they’re stunned, they remained stunned throughout the entire duration and not break from damage). A Resolve system (DR–>CC immunity) would need to have a system that marks what is considered HARD CC (stuns, roots) and LIGHT CCs (knockdowns, knockbacks, etc.)

Knockdowns are not light CCs though. They’re actually better CCs than stuns in New World as they’re exactly like you described “proper stuns”.

If at all hard CCs are stuns, roots and knockdowns, while light CCs would be staggers only.

yeah, which is nonsensical to me, honestly, the whole “Stuns are not stuns”. They need to do a massive overhaul for tanks in general and set up a new ruleset for Knockbacks, Knockdowns, Roots, Stuns and staggers.

Funny not to mention the real reason CC chain is a metagame.
If you don’t lock your target through CC and burst it’s a very difficult task to kill him as it’s extremely easy to disengage in this game.
First thing they need to do is create gameplay focused on tactical reactive combat and then everything else will balance itself out.
If there was a way to break CC through a move like Break Free in ESO and the movement in the game was more fluid through the use of stamina to remove movement penalty during the use of skills/attacks I believe the metagame focused in heavy CC wouldn’t even exist.

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not sure if I agree, because if you just had that implemented, Light armor users, which already dominate the battlefield, would absolutely roll over the entire pvp session just because of the movement improvement alone would make them nearly impossible to snag one into a CC, only for them to just Break Free and leave with impunity. Again, CC as a whole needs some changes, such as Stuns being actual stuns, and a Resolve system in order to punish spamming CC.

I think they need to make changes to how easy it is for everyone in the game to run away thats not in heavy armor before they touch or nerf any cc at all.

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It makes a difference against multiple hammers witch is where they are strong.

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