Absolutely outrageous transfer bug

I transferred to Orofena from Castle of Steel on January 20th before the change to transfer timers was implemented due to the fact that if I transferred 5 days before then I would not have a cooldown since it was 3 days on the cooldown and I would have plenty of head room. This is apparently not the case as I now have a 23 day cooldown even though I transferred before the time of the change with no cooldown.

This is not a bug. This is the behavior they intended as announced 9 days ago.

The date of my transfer was January 20th. The change went into effect on the 25th. It says if you have a cooldown it gave you an increase cooldown. I did not have a cooldown because I transferred 5 days before the cooldown increase

My apologies, I didn’t read the initial date correctly. I would encourage submitting a web ticket so that they can look into this.

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I already did that is the first screenshot. They claim they cant do anything about it

That appears to be live chat. Sometimes the web tickets get through to a different set of people. Worth a shot.

I sent one in. I have a tournament in Castle of Steel so I need to transfer back before monday. Hopefully it gets resolved before then.

@Fenne Just tagging for reference since you posted about the 3 days before the change would mess you up.

Update. Talked to both Amazon and Amazon Games. Both say that they can’t fix the glitch and they won’t do anything to fix it.

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