Abuse/Exploit company name change to cancel war declaration


I’d like to know what can be done against a player, leader of a company, that it’s constantly changing company name every time when other faction can declare war on his company territory?
Why such abusing behavior it’s been tolerated?
I’ve reported via ticket but yet I haven’t got any reply. While on online chat support team told me this is bannable action.
The exploiter/abuser it’s laughing and saying it’s system fault. But what if we all start to do this sh1t, constantly name change our companies to cancel/skip all wars on our territories?


Hello, @Chumo

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I can understand where you are coming from.

If you haven’t reported the player/company in game, please make sure to do that.

And you can also report the company here: Report a Player or Company - Support | Amazon Games

While reporting using the above web link, include any links to screenshots/videos of the company perpetrating this particular exploit which will help the moderators with enough information to investigate and take action accordingly.

Please be assured that all reports are manually reviewed by the moderation team.

I hope this information helps. Do let me know if you have any further questions.

Have a great day!

But what sites to upload screens are acceptable? Or I can use any site to upload screens?


Any site is acceptable but there are restrictions on what sites we can access. I’ve verified it myself and we have access to imageshack.com, so I suggest you to upload the screenshots over there and include those links in your report.

I hope that clears it. Have a great day!

Ticket has been sent with all screenshots.
Also recently now because he found out that I’ve reported him, he let me stay in invasion and kick me 5 seconds before invasion end. So I waste time, potions, foods and in the end I lost all rewards: chest, Azoth, 630 gold and faction coins.
I’ve also sent ticket about this scamming/harassment. But looks like this company is doing NOTHING about it.
I cant do anything about it, reports in game are broken or nobody read to take actions, reports on tickets get an automatic message and days after that still NOTHING.

All I can do is to stop my support to this company, like I wont ever top-up again for this company. If u tolerate all such scamming, exploiting, etc I personally wont get so low to abuse it myself. But I just see it being wrong to support any company that tolerate such actions.

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