Abusing Family Sharing to Avoid Bans

There are several people that have been abusing Family Sharing (as family sharing allows anyone that owns new world to create a new steam account, enable family sharing from their main account, then log into new world) It has no checks for actual NW Purchases.

Will these users be actioned against if they are exploiting from their family sharing account and receive action on their main account?


I don’t get it, what are these people doing specifically?

Devs need to disable family sharing for this game on steam.


you can bypass account bans.


extremely urgent.

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Bans with family sharing are like

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Why should legit People be punished for banned players? I share my account. Theres a reason it’s enabled.

not all games are shareable - if it prevents people from ruining the game im all for it - i simply bought the game twice on 2 dif accts - if you cant spend 39.99 and keep it to yourself - you should re-evaluate your life financial situation - or if you’re a kid - go cut more grass and do some chores

dont share your acct with a cheater - if you own a gun and someone uses it to shoot someone, guess what you can share some ownership in that issue - and if not legally at least mentally -

if someone you’re sharing with IS cheating you acct deserves to be banned - they should ban any primary/parent acct associated with the shared acct

manage your assets better

I can easily do it, but i don’t want to :joy: not gonna pay twice for this dumpsterfire

Yeah just banning shared accounts is fine.

while i DO understand where you’re coming from on that response - i get it, i do - IF it helped rid us of all the cheaters, hell man it’s worth 100 bucks let alone 39.99 - I am for whatever helps rid us from these dupes, their exploits and not allowing them any way to get back in

steam primary ban, MAC address BAN, IP ban, etc etc - everything possible - this is breaking the integrity of a game we both surely love

Its called Family sharing for a reason, not to just share with everyone. If you are a parent and you share the account with your son, and your son cheats, the main account AND the sub accounts should get the ban. Probably time for a family discussion about responsibility, accountability and consequences.

You as main account holder hold responsibility for the sub accounts created under your name.


Yes i already said banning shared accounts is fine… Just don’t remove family sharing as a whole…

Oh! Apologies, read that as only the connected accounts and not the main account.

push since this is still not fixed and ALL the bans ur handing out are WORTHLESS.

This is by FAR the most critical issue this game has right now.

Do something ASAP.

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Devs have known about this for over a week and still refuse to do anything at all about it, “hey we’re banning dupers alt accounts made for free through family share, but we don’t touch their main accounts where they send all their ill-gotten gains to or stop them making more accounts through family share”. GG.

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