Accessibility for 1 hand players

I have a rotator cuff injury and I wish the game had an option to steer the mouse with the keyboard controls. If there was an option to make the player rotate with a and d instead of strafing I’d be able to move around a lot easier

Wouldn’t be better to play with a mouse with more buttons? I used to farm resources with one hand from time to time, and it worked fine

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I think you could get and use a left hand mouse with lots of buttons, I didn’t think of that. But it’s an easier option to just have the existing keyboard controls be able to move the camera I think. A and D could spin the character like some mmorpgs have and it could just be an option that you would have to select to use, it would replace the strafing of the character but allow them to steer with one hand.

Yes, please I am used to playing with A and D as rotate instead of strafe and I hate it.

You could always get yourself a Razer Tartarus game pad.

It is a one handed keyboard with a 8 way directional thumb control stick on it.

They cost a bit but will let you do everything you need to do with one hand.

Check it out.

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