Accessibility recommendation

Hi there, I’ve really been enjoying your game, thank you very much for taking the time to improve it. Hopefully, my post is read because I want to continue to play but hopefully with less strain =)

I’d like to recommend 2 things as someone with a visual impairment it would be extremely nice if (1) I could adjust the size of the cross hairs, many times i think I’m aiming at a mob but due to the lack of contrast/size of the crosshairs I’m unable to realize I’m not hitting anything (especially in group content where the screen is more cluttered).

I’d also like to recommend at UI scaler, it would e nice to be able to increase my UI size (or specific elements of my UI) so that I didn’t need to press my nose against my screen to read say quest text for example. =) I know I’m probably a minority here as most people don’t have the visual concerns that I do but it would be nice to have a little more flexibility with these things if possible!

I hope whoever ends up reading this is well and look forward to any return feedback regarding these concerns. Thank you!

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