Accessing brimstone

So you’re telling me that I can’t play the Brimstone update unless I go back and complete old content that didn’t even matter when it was relevant? What other MMO does this? This is horrible design. Is it really setup like this?

Pretty sure every MMO I’ve played has areas that are only unlocked after a certain quest.

Yes a standard quest leading into the new content. That’s normal. I did the quest that led me into brimstone. That should have been it. Now I can’t go any further without back tracking to old content. That’s poor design if that’s really what I have to do. I’m not sure if I really have to do that, which is why I’m asking.

its an MSQ, thats not a “standard quest” you cant just jump into the MSQ half way smh :roll_eyes:

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Hello @Bigheavy and thank you @Prasinos333 and @MaleOreo for your input,

It has now been confirmed that some of the old on-boarding quests have been reset so that players can experience the new MSQ in Windsward and Monarch’s Bluffs. In this scenario you can choose to re-complete or ignore these but, unfortunately, we won’t be able to re-complete them for you.

Hope this clarifies the matter further and good luck! :wolf:

What level are you? Brimstone is a level 60+ territory. My wife and I were level 60 after the update and did the access quest and just walked in and started the questing there. No issues.

I don’t understand what issue you’re having? I’ve played MMO’s for 30 years and when new content comes out, it generally is a higher level zone along with a bunch of stuff for lower levels. We got that here also with a new weapon and revamped lower zones.

So again, what level are you?

I’m level 60. I never finished the main quests because there was no point really. I could still do all content. I don’t care about the story so I didn’t bother. I guess I’m used to WoW, where an expansion comes out and I can just play it. I thought that’s what was happening here since it let me unlock brimstone and get to the first little town there. Judging by the replies, I’ll have to go back and complete content I don’t care about. It’s ok though. I just simply won’t play. They’ll be ok without me lol.

You’d rather not play than take a few hours to do the quest you were supposed to do? How did you level up then? By doing town boards?

Yes I’d rather not waste my time in a game I already have 250+ hours in just to play new content. There are other games out there worth my time. It’s really that simple. Thanks for all the replies though.

How is the MSQ leading up to Brimstone Sands old content? You never completed it…

Usually when new content releases, previous content becomes old content whether I completed it or not. Same as any other MMO. Imagine WoW not letting you play a new expansion because you didn’t complete something in a previous expansion. That’s just crazy talk.

You’re failing to understand that Brimstone Sands wasn’t an expansion. Also, a lot of popular MMOs simply allow you to pay to bypass questing and leveling. To compare the two is ridiculous. If you are level 60 then finishing the MSQ from where you left off would be incredibly easy. If you don’t want to invest that amount of time into doing that then I guess you’re right, I don’t know why are you playing in the first place.

I’m not playing. I’ve stated that already. I simply asked a question to see if I could play with no issues. You keep defending their obviously bad design choice when you could simply stop replying. Do us both a favor and go find something better to do with your time. Thanks

I think it’s a good design decision. You can play normally, you just can’t go into Brimstone Sands.

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