Accidentally craft a named weapon ... anyone?

When I was new to the game, I crafted a level 10 life staff for my daughter and got this achievement -


It was such an awesome introduction to crafting, even if the staff is a bit useless as it was out-levelled so quickly. Sadly, I’ve never had the same thing happen again.

Has anyone else had this at all or more than once?


It’s happened a lot to me leveling Weaponsmithing and Arcana so far. Always fun to see.


yea ive gotten multiple, but im also power leveling weapon smithing atm

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Good to hear it happens regularly.

I used potions to level Arcana and haven’t got to Weaponsmithing yet. I can hold out hope for a high-level life staff with a similar quirky personality then :slight_smile:


i wish once you accidently craft the named weapon you learn the recipe to repeat it. also that the stats are better! i did this multiple times with weaponcrafting, named javelin, sword, and once a shield. but they were trash stats and not duplicatable. A huge lost opportunity to reward people for making gear, and add something unique and fun to the game.

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Never paid attention… Craft salvage over and over and over until you have no coin, mats, attention span, energy, time, heart, joy…

you’ll spend every waking hour pushing ironman style only to get 181 armoring, 167 engineering, 179 jewel crafting… Spend over 300k coin and have nothing to show for it all

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